Over 20 Gorgeous Animal Cake Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

For children, the birthday cake can be one of the most exciting highlights of their big day and something that they really look forward to on their birthday celebration – or on any special occasion.

Making a themed cake is a fun way to celebrate your child’s interests throughout the year, and they can be so fun to look back on. If you have an animal lover in your family, we’re here to share some gorgeous creative cakes and cake recipes so you’re sure to find the animal birthday cake that your child will love.

I love to share themed kids cake decorating ideas with all of you, and today I’m sharing some gorgeous animal theme cakes that would be perfect for many animal themes, whether you are looking for jungle theme cakes, wild animals, a farm animal theme cakes , or just animal themed with a specific favourite animal like a dog or a monkey. Whatever it is, we will help you find an awesome cake for your themed birthday party.

These cakes are all so cute! I hope you like them. Click through each link for a tutorial on how to make and decorate these cakes and how to achieve each cake design.

So many great ideas for animal cakes for kids. These are so cute, and perfect for a jungle themed birthday

Animal Cakes for Kids Birthday Parties (or Baby shower!)

These ideas include cupcakes, full birthday cakes, and simple cake toppers to create yourself. You can use these cake decoration idea for your favorite cake recipe.

Whether you want to choose chocolate cake, sponge cake, vanilla, or red velvet you can really go for whatever you like on the inside of the cake and then use different colors and designs to create your chosen effect for the animal cake that your child will love.

I’ve gathered cake ideas for bunny cakes, hedgehog cakes, bug cakes, cow cake, bear cake, peacock cake, ducks cake, dog cake, panda cake, monkey cakes, elephant cakes, and mixed jungle animal themed cakes – there are so many amazing choices to impress your party guests.

At the end of the post, we have also included a few more pictures of animal cakes for inspiration and ideas

Owl Cake

To make this gorgeous owl cake for kids you will need to make a square cake, and then decorate with two eyes and a cute little beak. 

Reindeer Cake

This Reindeer cake is a perfect idea for a kid friendly Christmas cake. We have provided a reindeer antlers template that you can use to make this design super easily for the top of the cake. 

Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes 

These cute bunny rabbit cupcakes are perfect for Easter, or for birthday parties if your child’s favourite animal is rabbits. Just remove the egg decorations to make these work seamlessly all year round. The little bunny paws are adorable!

Rabbit and Chick Cupcakes 

We also have another option for the bunny rabbit cupcakes, if you prefer your bunnies face up! And there’s also a design for cute chick cupcakes 


Corgi Dog Cake

Make this long Corgi cake with a Swiss roll shape, and a cute dog face at the end. You can adapt a shop bought Swiss roll cake or chocolate log or make from scratch. 

This royal corgi is just like the queen’s dog. Perfect for a little girl who dreams of being royal!

Butterfly Cake

A butterfly cake has always been a popular birthday party design, and for good reasons. Butterfly cakes are timeless and so pretty, and sure to be popular with children. 

Spider Cake 

If your child prefers creepy crawlies as their favourite garden animal, check out this spider cake with chocolate and a spider web on top. 

animal cakes for kids including bunny cake, hedgehog cake, bug cakes, cow cake and teddy bear cake

From top left, clockwise, as shown in the picture collage above

1. Bunny Cake – Meaningful Mama

2. HedgeHog Cake – Hodge Podge Craft

3. Madeleine Bugs – Blue Bear Wood

4. Cow Cake – Craftulate

5. Teddy Bear cake topper – Crafts on Sea

Animal themed birthday cakes with panda cake, monkey cake, elephant cake and jungle animal cakesFrom top left, clockwise, in the picture collage above:

6. Panda Cake – One Blue One Pink

7. Monkey Cake – Danya Banya

8. Elephant cake – space ships and laser beams

9. Jungle Animal Cupcakes – Mom Endeavours

peacock cupcake, duck cupcakes and puppy dog cakes for kids animal themed birthdaysFrom left to right in the picture collage above:

10. Peacock Cake – Meaningful Mama

11. Duck Cupcakes – The Purple Pumpkin Blog

12. Dog Themed Cakes – Spaceships and Laserbeams

More Animal Cake Inspiration 

The following animal cakes do not have tutorials but we’re sharing the photos here for inspiration, just to spark some ideas and concepts that you could use and adapt. 

Woodland Animals Cake

This is a gorgeous two layer cake with a woodsy feel, featuring deer and fox and even little tiny snails. It is adorable!

Flamingo Cake 

This flamingo cake is totally classy, with two cake layers. It is a gorgeous option for slightly older girls who want something beautiful. Flamingos have been trending lately and many kids absolutely love this pink bird. 

This theme would be ideal for a summer birthday party, with the tropical vibes

flamingo cake

Zebra, Giraffe and Elephant – Savannah or Zoo Animals Birthday Cake

This gorgeous birthday cake has been made for a 1st birthday. Animals are such a great theme for your child’s first cake, as you mark their first year. 

Most one year olds are crazy about animals, with animal sounds and names being some of the most common first words for these little ones. 

This cake can be made with a round cake pan, and then iced and decorated with toy animal figures on top to create such an effective result. 

zebra elephant and giraffe animal cake for first birthday

Which one is your favourite? I can hardly choose, they are all so fun!

If you’re looking for more themed birthday cake ideas for kids, you might also like:

If there is another cake decorating theme you would like to see, let me know in the comments 

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