Top 7 Tips for Food Bloggers

Stunning images are not the only thing necessary for building a beautiful food-centric blog. Click here to know all the secrets that will make your food blog stand out from the crowd.

Top 7 Tips for Food Bloggers

Food blogging is one of the best blog niches to get into since there are so many different topics you can write about, and everyone has to eat. So if you are an amateur foodie, love baking or cooking, and have some cool ideas to share with the world, then you are welcome to explore the food blogging niche and demonstrate all your talents to people. From our side, we will try to make your blogging journey as smooth and successful as possible. In this post, we will talk about the key secrets of successful food blogging so that you have an idea of where to invest your time and effort into. 

Secret #1 – Complete the recipe with a personal story

There are a lot of awesome recipes on the Internet. So there is a high risk that your attempts to surprise the audience by cooking something that no one has cooked before are doomed to failure. To interest the audience and establish close contact with your subscribers, start the story about a particular dish with a personal story. And the more touching, funny, naive, or unusual story you tell, the more people will like and share your post. So instead of posting questionable content, think about the story, write down a script, and integrate it into a post before publication.

Secret #2 – Buy a good camera

The main thing that distinguishes a professional food blogger from an amateur is the content that the two post. Unfortunately, taking pictures of food is not an easy task. Even a dish decorated by a food stylist may look unappetizing in the photo taken with an iPhone in low light conditions. Therefore, take care of purchasing a quality camera, tripod, and additional shooting accessories to create quality content. You can also use photo editing software to polish your shots and retouch photos just as you wish.

Secret #3 – Indicate the net calorific value

It would seem like simple advice, but everyone forgets about it. At the end of each great food photo, be sure to indicate the net calorific value of the dish. And with the help of tags, you can make sure that the target audience can easily find your culinary masterpiece. For example, you can type “dessert for a romantic dinner,” “low-calorie food,” “tasty food for children,” “healthy food,” “culinary ideas for upcoming holidays,” and so on. 


By the way, it is important for SEO promotion to use keywords as part of your tags. So don’t ignore keywords! With their help, you will make search engines index your blog faster and rate your recipes higher.

Secret #4 – Add video content to your blog

Video content is much more popular with a blog audience than just photos and text due to the greater interactivity, movement, and sound. You can interact with subscribers during webinars and live streams. You can talk to people, answer their questions, and share your thoughts with them. The only thing you need to know is how to record a webinar and edit the video professionally. Such personalized communication engages more points of contact with subscribers and increases the conversion to active action. With the help of the video, you can show the culinary process from the inside instead of writing a long recipe that people need to read.

Secret #5 – Master the fast video format

Nowadays, the most popular format for promoting a food blog on social networks is through short videos demonstrating how you can quickly and easily prepare a particular dish. Even if your video captures just the process of making an ordinary sandwich, you can be sure that it will get lots of views if this video is professionally shot.

Secret #6 – Make regular publications

To keep the interest of your audience high and not to lose contact with your subscribers, it is critically important to produce timely content and make regular publications. You can also use dedicated services to automate your posts. It’s not always possible to log in from your phone and post to Instagram, especially when you have to follow a strict content plan and timing. Luckily, there are dedicated services that can make scheduled publications for you. Some of the tools can be used for content analysis and performance tracking, so make sure that you employ all their features in full. 

Secret #7 – Use Pinterest

Pinterest can be a source of additional traffic for your Instagram account or website. But you shouldn’t go on Pinterest and count on big reach just by linking Instagram and Pinterest. You need to publish pins that will be of interest to users and use free promotion methods. Pinterest is a visual information search engine used by over 250 million people every month. With it, you can visualize ideas and post your own. Many people use Pinterest as a catalog of pretty pictures. Some bloggers get inspiration here for designing their Instagram feed, so you can follow their example as well. 

Final Say!

Many people underestimate the power of Instagram and give up halfway through. But the main thing here is not to stop. Instead, you should stick to the publication schedule and constantly upload quality content, update photos, talk to your audience, etc. Develop your blog – and it will definitely pay you off well in the form of subscribers, advertising integrations, and profits. One day, it can turn into a profitable business.


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