How To Create A Creeptastic Halloween Party Menu In 4 Steps

Halloween is creeping closer, and we all know what that means; candy, creepy stories, and costume parties. Nothing screams Halloween better than a classic scary dinner party where you can share your love for the scary season with your friends and family. 

But planning out a themed party can be tough. You have to figure out everything from the decor to the invitations. However, while you fret over the intricate details of your spooky party, we can take one thing off your list for you. The one thing you don’t have to worry about is your Halloween party menu. 

Follow these tips to know how you can create your own spooktacular Halloween party menu without having to burden your mind or your wallet. 


1-Find a template that fits your theme

So you’ve decided you’re hosting a scary Halloween party. Great. But that’s not enough to help you decide on the perfect menu. 

The first thing you need to do is come up with the perfect spooky theme for your party. Come up with a fun, unique theme for your party and have your guests follow it. Some fun ideas for a Halloween dinner party include a Willy Wonka theme, a murder mystery Halloween dinner party, or a spooky supper.

Once your theme is picked out and ready, the next step is to choose a template that goes with your theme, color scheme, and general vibe. You can find a wide variety of Halloween themed menu templates through online tools like PosterMyWall that you can customize to fit your needs. 

2. Personalize it with some spooky fonts

Once you’ve found the right template, add in your own personal touches to make it unique. One great way to do this is to add some fun fonts to your menu card to accentuate the creepy vibe of your design. 

Make use of multiple fonts of different types to add some variety to your menu card, but avoid overcrowding your design. Type in your party theme in a larger, bolder, cobweb or pumpkin themed font, and make use of smaller fonts to type in your menu options and details. 

Adding in a variety of creepy fonts will not only keep your guests engaged, but will also add to the overall scary vibe of your party. 

3. List down some scary snacks

You might have a menu template ready to go, but you can’t leave it empty. So why not add in some frightening Halloween food options to your party menu to tempt your guests?

Everyone loves a good themed dinner, and Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your palette and throw some fun surprises into your party menu. Add some fun options for adults and kids alike so that everyone can have something to munch on while they enjoy their haunting experience. 

Get your guests excited for dinner time with some of the following scary food ideas for your menu:

  1. White chocolate covered strawberry ghosts
  2. Pumpkin marshmallow pops
  3. Mummy-wrapped hot dogs
  4. Witch hat cupcakes

Add a little something extra in your menu for the adults with a special offering of Halloween cocktails. Serve a bloody mary or maybe some pumpkin spiked punch to make the party more frighteningly fun. 

4. Throw in some eerie illustrations 

Your menu needs to have more than just fancy text and colors. To really capture the Halloweeny vibe of your party, you need to add in some scary illustrations, images, and other creepy visuals. A picture speaks a thousand words. So don’t be afraid to add a little spice to your menu design to tempt your guests. 

Even the smallest touches can make a huge difference. Adding a cobweb to the top left of your design, a spider hanging off your menu header, or even a themed animation goes a long way in making your design more in-line with Halloween. If you’re following a theme, like a special murder mystery night dinner, adding a gravestone, a skeleton, or a gothic castle as a backdrop will help jazz up your menu and excite your guests all in one. 

Some more extra spooky ideas

Planning your Halloween party can be tough, especially when you want to have every element of your event scream Halloween. But having a frightening Halloween themed menu is a great way to make your party stand out from the rest this October. 

If you’re still looking for more ideas on how to spice up your Halloween events, designs, and more, take a look at this Halloween Calendar for exciting ways to celebrate this scary season in style. 


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