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Just like many families around the world, we are also quite keen on Frozen – especially that cheeky little snowman Olaf! We decided to upcycle a simple egg box to make a Frozen themed egg box snow world for our Olaf to live and play in. I’ve mentioned before how we love junk modelling and this is a great example of how we saved some old materials from the recycling bin to create and make our own new toy!

Frozen egg box snow world with Olaf

First we painted all over the egg box in white. This may need quite a few coats, so we actually did it over a few day – just kept putting another coat on once it had dried! If you have a box which is already white, you won’t need quite so many but we had a yellow box to cover up! Once it was all painted white we added some gold glitter paint to give it some extra Frozen glittery sparkle! This does not have to be done neatly at all, wherever the glitter goes it will give the same sparkly effect so even young toddlers can do this themselves.

We have been making lots of tissue paper snowflakes recently, so we stuck one on to the top outside of the egg box too. It’s a light lilac colour so it doesn’t stand out a lot but adds a bit more of an icy Frozen feel. Whatever wintery things you have on hand to decorate, you can use those – glitter, sequins, coloured tissue or cellophane, netting, gold and silver pens or anything you fancy.

Frozen egg box snow world with snowflakeTo add some different textures to the inside of Olaf’s snowy world we included some cotton wool balls, some white packing peanuts from a parcel we just received, and a spare sparkly costume jewellery bracelet. You can vary this too for whatever you have on hand, but cotton wool balls are great as each one fits perfectly into the space for each egg.

glittery frozen egg box snow worldThese few simple materials gave Olaf a lovely snowy home and can keep Mr R entertained for quite a while in small world play. We’ve also used the materials for a few basic counting and adding games.

Playing with the frozen egg box snow worldMr R loves to pretend the cotton wool pieces are snow, and the peaks inside the egg box become snowy mountains. He’s had lots of fun making Olaf climb and jump down into the snow.


playing with Olaf Frozen snow worldSince everything packs up back inside the egg box it makes the whole thing very easy to contain and tidy away. The Olaf figure we have is the one which comes with the Frozen palace but you can buy figures separately at the Disney store.

Olaf and his Frozen egg box snow world If you have a little Frozen fan, I’m sure they would love to make and play with their very own little egg box snow world for Olaf (and Anna and Elsa too if you have those figures!)

If you do make one, I’d love to see a picture. You can share over on the In The Playroom facebook wall.

I have been keeping all our egg boxes to make little worlds since I saw this very cute egg box ocean craft on the Imagination Tree. If you like Olaf’s snow world, I’m sure you would love that too!

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