Frozen Inspired Mini Christmas Tree

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We’re fans of all things Frozen so rather than making a traditional green Christmas tree craft, I thought of turning our mini Christmas tree craft cold and blue and Frozen! This was a fun twist on making and decorating a tree, and I think the end result has a really wintery feel with the frosty blue and snowflakes.

Easy to make Frozen inspired mini Christmas tree

This mini Christmas tree is pretty simple to make. as a guide, you will need the following craft supplies, but if you don’t have something just substitute for whatever decorations you have in your craft cupboard and let your kids use their imaginations.

Craft supplies needed to make the Frozen Inspired Mini Christmas Tree

  • Cardboard cone
  • Blue felt
  • Snowflake or star foam sticker for the top of the tree
  • Pom Poms
  • Smaller snowflake or star shaped foam stickers to decorate
  • Bostik Glu Dots
  • Coloured plastic wire (Scoubidou / Scoobies ) to make the braid
  • Silver Pipe Cleaner

supplies to make a Frozen Christmas tree


How to make the Frozen Inspired Mini Christmas Tree

First you need to cover your cardboard cone with the felt. Rather than cutting it, we just wrapped it tightly, folded the excess felt into the bottom of the tone and stuck the sides together with a few Bostik glu dots along the back where the two sides of the felt joined. There are about 3 glu dots underneath the fold that you can see here, which was enough to stick it together firmly. The glu dots are very easy to use and stick well.

IMG_1936To give a good pointy shape to the top of the tree, we wrapped one silver pipe cleaner all around at the top, over the top of the felt. We then stuck the large silver snowflake on top to cover that and to act as the star on top of the Christmas tree, but Frozen-style.

IMG_1938With those simple steps your basic tree is all done, and now it’s just time to decorate it which is easy and fun for the kids. Younger kids are likely to need help with the initial wrapping of the felt if you want it to have a neat finish.

We used some scoubidoos to make a simple braid (three colours, plaited just like you would braid or plait hair and then tied at each end) that we used as a garland to drap all around the tree. If you don’t have the scoubidoos then maybe try ribbon for a similar effect. We went with blue, lilac and clear to give it an icy Frozen feel. To attach this, we just wrapped it and tucked the end into the fold of the felt at the back, and it stayed fairly well. You might need to readjust it every now and again but it should be fine.

IMG_1942Then the kids added the stars and pom poms to decorate. We used glu dots again to stick on the pom poms and this worked really well and held them firmly.

How make a Frozen inspired mini Christmas tree There you have your Frozen Mini Christmas Tree. It looks pretty as a decoration in the house or can be incorporated into some Frozen small world play

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