Best Learning Materials For Kids 

Moving to another country can be challenging not only for you but also for your children. Upon moving, they’ll need quite a time for adjusting and being acquainted with your new home.

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That being said, what better way to spend time with your children than to indulge them with fun learning materials while at home?

While they’re still getting used to the new place, you can always give them something to focus their time and attention on, such as educational materials that will be well worth their time. 

Here are some of the best learning materials and activities you can provide your kids with to maximize their enjoyment at home. 

1. Constellation Pipe Cleaners

Plenty of classrooms allows students to create illustrations or dioramas about space and the solar system.

You can switch it up by initiating a fun activity for your kids by letting them map out other celestial bodies such as constellations.

This activity can easily be made through beads or pipe cleaners as a hands-on approach to teaching your kids about constellations or the solar system. 

2. Sunflower Word Spin

Kids who are three years old and under can find this creative material as a way for them to explore various sound combinations with a word-family sunflower.

All you have to do is write the endings of the words on the flower’s petals fill the center of the paper plate with the letters of the alphabet.

Let the kid spin the material and let them read the words that each letter landed on. This is an excellent way for kids to practice and learn to read. 

3. Fraction Flowers 

These fraction flowers will help kids visualize and understand fractions better. Moreover, this can also help teach them certain equivalents, such as how two one-eighth petals are similar to a one-fourth petal.

If your child isn’t mainly a fan of flowers, you can try being creative and applying the same method to pizza slices. 

4. Wood Puzzles

Wood Puzzles are a great learning material for kids to practice their problem-solving skills.

This will help them determine which fits perfectly together and can be fulfilling once they figure out the whole picture all on their own. 

5. DVD or CD players with a variety of music

You can never go wrong with music. Regardless of whether it’s a DVD, CD, or a Youtube video, there is plenty of educational music that you can play for your children.

They can also try singing along for fun, which is a great way to retain information. 

6. Building Blocks

Building blocks are a great toy that functions similarly as a learning material since this can help children run free with their imagination.

With this, they can explore building complex structures through construction sets and more. You’ll be delighted at the results!

7. Definition/Word Memory Game 

This game can help your children practice two skills at the same time. You can write vocabulary words on one card and definitions on the other through the classic Memory Game.

This activity can help kids expand their vocabulary and be more familiar with certain terms, as well as how they can be used in sentences. 

8. Storybooks 

A great learning material for your kids is storybooks. Reading storybooks will help them get a good understanding of what the book is all about, as well as the events happening in the book.

You can also try asking them questions after reading to check their level of comprehension.

This is also an excellent way for them to enhance their creativity since they will be asking questions related to the story or even indulge themselves in illustrations within the storybook they’re reading. 

9. Treasure Hunt

This learning material turned fun game can be a way to sharpen your children’s map reading skills and also gauge their capacity for following instructions.

All you need to do is hide a “treasure” in any space of your house or your backyard and give them a map with instructions as a guide. You can also take this up a notch by having them draw the map themselves and give you instructions to see how creative they can get when it comes to this. 

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