DermRollers – Keeping your skin fresh and glowing

We are always approached by fantastic companies always offering us the most remarkable products and this is no different. DermRollers contacted us recently and sent us an amazing gift and we will be sharing with you our thoughts on it.

So what is a DermRoller? DermRoller is a hand-held device that is also known as a micro-needle roller. It is a minimally invasive treatment that works by gliding across the skin to create thousands of pricks/minuscule holes. This controlled skin injury prompts the body to heal these micro-wounds by releasing collagen and elastin, which allows brand new and healthy tissue to replace the imperfections or damage of older tired skin.

The benefits of DermRollers products are plenty.  They have a range of sizes which you can chose from and also serums and creams for aftercare once you finish using your derma roller. From rejuvenating your skin to fading out stretch marks this product is versatile, sophisticated and you can feel it working its effect on your skin. I have been using it for a couple of weeks on my stretch marks – this was actually the main reason I was so excited to try this product – and I can feel it working as I am using it. I can be slightly uncomfortable at first but you will soon get used to it. If you want to know how it is progressing and how much it has faded my stretch marks drop us a message and I will be happy to keep you guys updated.

DermRoller website is gorgeous and very user friendly. It is easy and simple to use and there you can find a section that explains step by step how to use it and the benefits so if you catch yourself a bit lost while using it just pop on their website and you will find all your answers there. With Mother’s Day approaching this could be a great gift option and you will not disappoint.  We are all in need of some self care and what a great way to keep your skin glowing and rejuvenated during these crazy times. We are all locked indoors so we may as well make the the best of it give our skin some love and care.

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