What to include in your toddler’s bedroom space 

Creating a safe and comforting environment for your toddler is crucial for their happiness and development. And as loving, caring parents it’s part of our role to introduce them to new environments and experiences, all whilst giving them as much independence as possible. 

Making the transition from a practical baby room to an interactive toddler room can feel a little daunting. After all, one minute you were counting down to your due date and now you have a bouncing, active little one who needs stimulation, fun and lots of care. 

Here we’ll explore what to include in your toddlers’ bedroom space.

Good lighting

A gloomy bedroom space for your toddler could create all kinds of problems. After all, you want your toddler to enjoy spending time in their room, exploring and playing with their toys. Good lighting solutions, like the options available at ultraleds.co.uk, allow you to completely tailor the lighting in your toddlers’ room and all at a cost-effective price. LED strip lights are a popular option in children’s rooms, simply because of their versatility. Available in a wide range of colours and lengths these efficient lighting options will also save you money on your energy bills in the long term.

Include a reading nook

Sharing the joy of reading with your toddler means spending more time together and helping them develop vital skills. Your toddler will soon be moving on from colourful, textile style board books to storybooks with engaging pages and pictures! So, creating a little reading nook where your little one can independently choose books and turn the pages provides them with independence and entertainment. Always ensure you have any bookcases or storage options fully secured to the wall to prevent any kind of tipping. 

A little wardrobe

Raising a toddler is all about building their sense of independence and helping them discover the world around them. Toddlers love to feel like grown-ups, and they’ll want to mimic you and your activities, such as getting dressed. Installing a miniature, open wardrobe or a rail allows them to choose the clothes they want to wear and gives them a sense of maturity. It also gives you more time to get ready in the morning! 

Invest in good storage

Toddlers and toys are a messy combination, so it makes sense to invest in some effective pieces of storage to keep the chaos at bay. Dedicating one corner of your toddler’s bedroom to their toys and playthings is a sensible idea. Consider simple and effective storage solutions that your toddler can easily access. Fabric baskets, plastic tubs, buckets and stackable cube units are popular options. 

Bonus tip: Remember that your toddler’s bedroom should also be a place of rest and relaxation, not just fun and stimulation. So, keeping the number of toys in your child’s room to a minimum will help keep a healthy balance.

And finally, foam sets

Soft play is a great way to boost your child’s confidence, get them using their fine motor skills and pushing their physical boundaries. So, why not dedicate a small area in your toddler’s room to soft play? Investing in foam sets of play tunnels, blocks and steps will allow them to play and explore with safety and development in mind. 

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