9 Most Romantic Flowers And Their Meanings

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By Luciana Oliveira

As you probably already know, flowers have had their own language and a variety of different meanings for centuries.

On the one hand, the flower itself can have a certain meaning and on the other hand, its color plays a role.

So it’s no wonder that it’s easy to lose track and perhaps need a little help.

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Rekindle the romantic spark in your relationship with the timeless language of flowers. From roses symbolizing love to orchids denoting luxury and beauty, each flower carries its unique message. And what’s a better way to express your feelings than to get flowers delivered using Daily Blooms? Say ‘I love you’ in the most beautiful way possible with Daily Blooms.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the most romantic flowers and their meanings so that you can always express your feelings without words.

Garden Roses

Like all flowers, roses convey a certain meaning and symbolism based on their color.

Red roses symbolize love, respect, and passion, a great choice for anniversaries, weddings, and simply as a gift for no reason.

White ones signify innocence and dignity and can symbolize new beginnings.

However, they can also convey feelings of love, friendship, honor, and respect.

Garden roses tend to have the same characteristics as traditional roses, but they are smaller and have few buds.


The peony is also very welcome at weddings, as it is a symbol of love, happiness, and health. It is only available from May to July and is, therefore, a very special gift.

However, its magnificent floral look will delight not only at weddings but also on all other joyous occasions and also will make a wonderful decoration in your home.

If you can not find peonies at the local flower shop, you have probably chosen the wrong season. But as we all know, anticipation brings even more joy.


Pink, white or red carnations express gratitude, love, and good luck. This makes these flowers an ideal gift for the family, but also for work colleagues or friends to whom you want to wish good luck.

In yellow, however, the carnation stands for disappointment and rejection, in purple it symbolizes unpredictability. That’s why choosing the right color of flowers is crucial!


Orchids symbolize admiration, love, longing, and devotion. Do you want to express all this without saying a word?

Then a noble orchid is the flower of your choice. Maybe you can even do it like the Brazilians: when they give an orchid as a gift, the recipient gets a kiss for each blossom.

Traditional Roses

Red stands for love and passion, white symbolizes clarity and elegance: roses show a true variety of meanings in their range of colors.

Pale pink roses can be given to express deep gratitude, and orange flowers to celebrate a promotion or a new job.

As already mentioned, the meaning of roses depends on the choice of color. By the way, roses can also reflect a recipient’s personality.


Due to its white flowers and delicate appearance, the gardenia symbolizes purity and goodness.

But the gardenia also stands for attraction – the reason for this is perhaps its beguiling fragrance.


Tulip represents profound love and is therefore perfect to give to your partner, children, or other close family members.

In spring, tulips also represent rebirth – making them an ideal gift for the beginning of a new phase of life or for a birth.

Sweet Peas

Sweet pea means blissful pleasure, as you can feel the flow of soft, positive, kind, and delightful energy just by looking at it.

This gorgeous flower is a great gift for anyone to whom you want to send the message that life is beautiful, optimistic, that people should be kind, respectful, and loving.


This curly flower, so reminiscent of a star, is a symbol of a happy and long-lasting marriage, resourcefulness, and even cunning – the ability to get out of any situation, which is so important in married life.

Clematis was already known to the ancient Germans and Romans. In some places, it was believed that this flower attracts lightning, so it is dangerous to plant it near the house. Just an interesting fact.


  • What Flower is More Romantic Than a Rose?

Peonies are widely considered to be the most romantic. Their big flowers, enticing smell, and unusual look make them a perfect gift for your loved one.

  • Which Flower Represents True Love?

The red rose stands for flaming love, passion, and devotion. Next to Cupid, it is probably the classic among the messengers of love.

  • What Flower Means Passionate Love?

Roses can be your choice but if you want something a little more original go for tulips.

There is a wide range of colors with this flower but we suggest the red tulip that symbolizes lasting love and passion.

White rose bushes, cherished symbols of purity, innocence, and spirituality, offer an enchanting display of delicate blossoms nestled amidst deep green foliage. Their blooms, radiating a captivating blend of warmth and tranquility, unfurl in elegant layers of silky white petals, each subtly kissed by a fresh, calming fragrance. The darker the color of the flower, the stronger the feelings.

  • What is the Most Sensual Flower?

Once again we must recommend peony. Each petal of this flower has a captivating sweetness to it that makes you dizzy.

As mentioned in the article above, a peony is not available all year round and you can find it in the shops for a limited time only.

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