How to Make Your Own Vision Board For Kids (with printable template)

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Creating your own vision board or dream board can help you define your dreams, visualize them, and get them in front of you. A simple vision board is a great hands on tool for goal setting for kids and even adults. But how do you make a vision board with kids? We are here to help.

With this guide, and our free printable templates, you can make your own goal boards or vision board with the kids and introduce them to the power of visualization.

Once you’re done, hang it on a wall or keep it so that they can refer back to it anytime they need inspiration.

Whether your kid has a dream of being a rock star or a doctor, this activity can help them to visualize their own future.

Make your kids’ 2022 visions come true with this printable vision board for kids activity.

vision board for kids displayed in a frame

Vision boarding can help you focus and get clear about your goals. It’s a great way to help kids envision their future and what they want in life, but creating one can be tricky.

Many people struggle and have a hard time with putting together a visual representation of what they want out of life. So how do you get started?

Let’s get right into it. I want to show you how to create your own vision board for kids. We have put together a simple printable vision board template, along with sample pictures that kids can customise to show a visualisation of the goals they have set for themselves.

how to make a vision board for kids with free printable template and inspirational images to use

This is one of those art projects that really gets kids thinking about their priorities, their family visions and their own success. As they put together their collage of images, kids are developing powerful tools for the future, learning the concept of goal setting, and gaining a new skill.

Making a big life board is a fun way to work on children’s confidence, as you give them the space and opportunity to dream big, focus on their big goals as well as their short-term goals, and come up with an action plan.

Vision boarding encourages children to believe that anything is possible and to strive for their goals.

Printable Template for a Vision Board for Kids

The PDF pack for all of the templates and resources (pictures for vision board, affirmations and quotes) can be downloaded free at the end of this post.

We have included two versions of the template – one with a grid to add 9 images into a central square and one with just the title so that kids can use the space however they like.

Vision Board Template with Grid

vision board template with grid

Plain Vision Board Template for Free Style

free flow vision board template

Motivational Stickers for Kids Vision Board

We have put together two pages of motivational words that kids can use to add personality to their vision boards.

Cut these out and use to embellish the vision board with positive and motivational words. You can print onto sticker paper, or just cut and glue.

These include phrases like

  • You can!
  • Make it happen
  • Carpe Diem
  • Live your dream
  • Don’t Quit
  • Believe in yourself
  • Stay strong and power on
  • Create your own reality
  • Explore more
  • Fearless
  • Success
  • Dream Big
motivational stickers for kids vision board
motivational words for vision boards for kids

You might also like to use this list of inspirational quotes for kids for more ideas.

Collection of Images for Kids Vision Boards

A great way to find inspirational pictures for your child’s vision board is to give them some old magazines to browse, and cut out the pictures that speak to them.

But to give you a head start we have put together a collection of pictures with three pages full of vision board pictures that relate to many popular themes and important concepts that children would like to include in their vision boards, relating to hopes and dreams, favorite activities, education, success and goals.

For the best results, combine our printable kits with other images and magazine cut outs your child has gathered to make this great activity even more personal and meaningful.

pictures for vision board for kids
inspirational pictures to use for vision board
inspirational pictures for vision boarding

Printable Affirmations to use on Vision Boards for Kids

We included some simple affirmations and positive statements for kids to add to their vision boards, including

  • I believe in me
  • I am beautiful
  • I matter
  • I can do this
  • I am good
  • I deserve good things
  • I can do anything
  • I can make a difference
  • I am amazing
  • I love to love
  • I am kind
  • I am loved
  • I bring peace
  • I am brave
  • I am a fighter
positive affirmations for kids
list of positive affirmations for kids

Printable Quotes for Vision Board

We have also included a page with a few inspirational quotes about visualisation

“Create a Vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning”

“Create a life that feels good on the inside not just one that looks good on the outside”

“Visualisation is daydreaming with a purpose”

“Action is the foundational key to all success”

“Life is your story, write well, edit often”

printable quotes for vision board

Printable Inspirational Quote Coloring Page

As a bonus with the vision board activity, color in this inspirational quote page with the kids. You could display their finished coloring on the wall alongside the vision board.

Check out our other site On Your Journey for some more inspirational quotes coloring pages, or some motivational fighter quotes to add to your vision board.

you automatically lose the chances you don't take poster coloring quote

How to Make a Vision Board with Kids

Kids can make their own vision board with a few simple steps. The important thing is that they make their own decisions on what to include for their own board, make it their own and enjoy the creative process.

This is a great way to spend quality time together, ask open-ended question, and sow the seed of the growth mindset.

Vision Board Supplies

All you need is a few basic materials

  • Our vision board printable kit, or stack of magazines
  • Piece of Paper
  • Glue (any kind will work for this – a glue stick or PVA glue)
  • Colored Markers and pens (optional)
  • Poster board (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)

Our vision board template prints onto a4 paper. If you would like to make your vision board bigger, take a larger piece of a3 (or even bigger!) construction paper, and use the printable template at the centre but allow space to expand.

Here’s an example of a basic completed vision board for kids, using our templates and tools

example vision board for kids

Download the Printable Vision Board Template and Pictures for your Vision Board

Download all of the pages from our Vision Board Kit in the PDF file below.

We hope this printable Vision board template pack helps give you a starting point to bring together your own great vision board ideas, to manifest your child’s dreams for the upcoming year and beyond.

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You might also like some of the other free printables we put together for end of year reflection

End of Year reflection worksheet

year reflection worksheet for kids

New Years Resolutions Printable

New Years resolution printable for kids

Or our free printable 2022 calendar for kids to color – this has been super popular this year, so don’t miss out on that.

printable 2022 calendar for kids to decorate


We hope you have a lot of fun with this visualization exercise for kids, filling out this vision board worksheet together and using these colorful images to focus on future dreams.

Please go ahead and share this blog post with friends and family, so everyone’s kids can benefit from these wonderful tools and put together some lofty goals this new year.

We always appreciate pins to your Pinterest Board. Thank you! 🙂

free printable poster for kids to color with the quote "you automatically lose the chances you don't take"

Happy new year – dream big!

How to Make Your Own Vision Board For Kids (with printable template)
Yield: 1

How to Make Your Own Vision Board For Kids (with printable template)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

How to make your own vision board with the kids. Collage your future dreams together with this fun activity


  • Our printable Kit
  • Old magazines
  • Piece of Paper
  • (optional) Colored markers
  • (optional) Stickers


  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Print out the templates
  2. For younger children, cut out all of the pictures and stickers
  3. Older kids can cut these themselves
  4. Let the kids guide the way with their own creative flow
  5. Ask open ended questions to prompt their inspiration if they get stuck


Full details and free PDF pack download on post

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  1. Vision boards are a really powerful tool to help kids organize their ideas and dreams. kids may sometimes feel a bit discouraged when they put in a lot of effort and don’t get anything in return. Vision boards teach you patience and persistence.
    Also, some kids may not begin to know what they want, let alone their parents, so having examples that you put here really helps.
    I actually have a few ideas of my own, if you care to take a look


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