Gentle Laundry Products for Babies

When it comes to our babies, we want the products that we use to be gentle. This does not just mean the clothes, the bedding, or the toys that a baby will encounter, but also the products that we use to wash baby items with.

As such, it is beneficial to learn more about how gentle baby detergent and other related products can help to make a difference.

Baby Detergents

It is good to know that we can buy gentle detergents that are also easy to use when it comes to keeping everything that a baby touches clean and sterile. Also, measured strips can be used as wipes. The good thing about them, when you seek out the right brand, is that they can be eco-friendly and so produce zero waste.

A word to look for with baby detergents is “hypoallergenic.” This simply means that a product will cause fewer allergic reactions. You will want this with baby products. With babies, it is very unlikely that allergies will have become known yet. The term “hypoallergenic” was first used in a cosmetics advertising campaign in 1953 but thought to date to the 1940s when it was coined.

Another thing to avoid with any detergents, let alone ones where babies are concerned, will be harsh chemicals in their composition. These will not be good for people or the environment. The chemicals can be absorbed into the skin or inhaled and contaminate drinking supplies because of leaching readily into water supplies.

Washing Powder for Newborns

Non-bio washing powder is known to be highly effective for washing baby clothes. This is because it remains gentle when it comes to sensitive skin. A baby’s skin will be more sensitive than that of many adults in normal circumstances.

Non-bio in terms of washing powder is defined as a product that is free from biological enzymes. This is the opposite of the bio-detergent that uses the kinds of ingredients that are derived from conventional technologies. It is the enzymes that will ordinarily break down the food, sweat, grease, and grass stains that we want to remove from clothes. Non-bio products will still remove stains but achieve the feat without the help of the enzymes. This is important when someone has sensitive skin, such as when you have a newborn.

So, how do non-bio products work? Well, you need to compensate for the lack of enzyme by washing at higher temperatures. Then, they can still be good at removing stains and, in any case, keep clothes fresh. You will want clean and fresh-smelling clothes to put back onto a baby.

Fabric Softener

It is good to maintain a baby’s clothes so that they are as soft as possible. You should, however, note that baby clothes will or should have been treated with fire-resistant chemicals for safety. Fabric softeners on flame-resistant clothes have been known to reduce their effectiveness. Also, tests have proven that fabric softener can irritate the sensitive skin of a baby. This means that fabric softeners are best avoided where babies are concerned.

We can feel comforted in the knowledge that there are products out there that think of babies and the environment. Eco-friendly products are available to seek out in that no waste or little waste results from their usage, and the fact that no harsh chemicals are contained within them. These have the potential to pollute the environment. Products like this will be kind to a baby who has sensitive skin at first. Many adults with sensitive skin will benefit from these kinds of products too.

It is an indicator in the case of many baby products that they will be soft and gentle when it comes to everyone’s skin. Whenever we are using a cleaning product on clothing, that will come into contact with a baby, it should have us think about the laundry products that we are using, whether they be detergents, washing powders, or softeners.

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