TellTails: The Shinosaur

My kids are really into costumes and dress up clothes at the moment. We have an ever growing collection of fancy dress outfits but one item that we were recently sent really stands out from the crowd.

TellTails is a company that specialises in making costume tails, for both adults and children. We were sent a kids dinosaur tale (shinosaur) and it is awesome! My boys love wearing this to play pretend, and it would be a great addition to a Halloween costume too.

TellTails sparkly dinosaur costume for kids. Great for Halloween or pretend play

The Shinosaur is a shiny and sparkly costume tail, with a row of green spines all along it’s top. The colour is really bright and beautiful, and the quality is great!

shiny dinosaur tail costume for kids

The tail is worn around the waist. It comes attached to a thick elasticated waist band, so kids can just slip it on over their clothes and are ready to play. This makes it very easy to get on and off and non of my kids need any help with it.

The tail seems like it’s filled with some kind of beanbag filling, and it has kept its shape perfectly so far (we’ve had it for a few weeks, and it has had a lot of wear during that time!) The filling is lightweight so the tail doesn’t feel heavy for the kids to wear. They seem to be comfortable enough in it, since they’re happily wearing it for a couple of hours at a time (often combined with other costumes to make some quite crazy outfits!)

There are lots of other tail designs on the TellTails site too, from cats to foxes to dragons and more. The prices vary from tail to tail, the shinosaur which my boys tried is available for 28.00 and smaller tails like a cats tail would be around 18.00-20.00

We would definitely recommend TellTails for kids who enjoy dressing up and pretend play, or as a great option for Halloween costumes, fancy dress parties or costumes for a dance show or play.

TellTails shinosaur tail for a dinosaur costume


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