The Importance of Gifts in a Relationship

You might have all the gold of the world and all your dreams come true but how would you feel if you had no one to share it? Imagine a life where you are all alone roaming anywhere and everywhere on the planet Earth!

Relationships are what breathe liveliness into our life. They give us a feeling of belongingness in the otherwise stranger weird world out there. At the same time, they are deliciously sensitive and need gestures of regular care from you in the form of some tokens of reciprocations, like, gifts. 

Gifts. Be it an hour of support or a moment of joy, sharing gifts is a significant part in any relationship. In fact, the term ‘relationship’ itself is formed out of two words – relation and ship where relation refers to ‘connection’ or ‘association’, and ship refers to ‘a state of being’. 

Bonding in Social Relationships

In ancient times, the emperors and maharajas used to gift each other with treasures like elephants, horses, palaces and gems. They exchanged these gifts as a token of long-lasting relationship, gesture of political bonding and symbols of respect for each other. The tradition continues with the people today. Families and communities exchange gifts with each other in order to stay connected and share their interest for continuing the relationship. From your neighbour who shares her newly cooked dish with you to taste, to a corporation who sends gifts to their clients on the launch of their new product; gift giving symbolizes the harmony of social connections.

Sharing in Confidant Relationships

An intimate teatime friend, or having someone to tell it all; these confidant relationships are one of the greatest gift we have received. This might be your girl friend from a kittie party or a lady in neighbour with whom you share all your gossip. Real queens, after all, fix each others’ crowns. From gifting their favourite pair of earrings to sharing an evening together over a cup of coffee and brownies are some fantastic gifting ideas for your confidants.

Growing Network in Work Relationships

In business and work, gifting is not just a promotional technique. Rather, it lets the other party know more about your style and business, which allows them to open up even more. A simple card of appreciation can make them feel delight knowing that you pay attention. A short free seminar, a bonus package of your items and thank you notes are some of the ideas that might add more importance to your work relationships.

Building Memories in Younger Relationships

Grown-up friends, who have been together since their childhood usually, share a strong bond of friendship, which lasts during their lifetime. This happens frequently in case of neighbour kids. After all, neighbours are someone we spend most of our lifetime with. Very often, in a kid’s birthday party organized by one’s parents, the guest kids return home with some kind of cute package or return gifts in their hands. This is done to give them a memoir which they will remember for years to come. Some examples of these are chocolates, confectionary packs, colour boxes or other stationary.

Connection in Long-Distance Relationships

It is but obvious that long distance relationships encounter a small amount of face to face conversations, if any at all. In such a case, gift giving takes up even more important role in maintaining the connection. From a simple letter or greetings email to a box of their favourite music CDs or books sent through courier, pretty much anything will do. In fact, gifts exchanged via long-distance exude even more romance and dramatic feel when chosen rightly.

Joy for the Giver in a Relationship

A relationship is like a rose flower. You might not have many in your garden but the ones you have end up blooming your own garden first. Simply speaking, giving gifts in a relationship benefits the giver more than the one at the receiving end. Psychologically too, the one who gives is the one who feels happier and merrier in a relationship. 

In a nutshell

A gift might not be an item of a considerable size or item. It might be chunks of your time and attention dedicated solely to your loved one in a relationship. It might be a simple comment of appreciation, love or thankfulness. The main thing is to keep the exchange of love going on so that the bond of your relationship grows only stronger with passing days. After all, the river doesn’t flow without the exchange of waves between the two banks!

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