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It is no secret that being a Mom is a full-time job.  The everyday hustle and bustle that requires us to be on our toes every second of the day can be exhausting.  But, the rewards of raising great kids is priceless. In most cases, the decision to return to work will come up and can potentially be a bit of a stressful situation.  Depending on the age of the kids when you decide to return to work will determine the kind of schedule you can commit to.

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Many Moms decide to go back to school even while raising the kids.  A blessing for many is the option of taking classes online. Even though it is a blessing to work from home on obtaining a degree, the ability to focus with children around can be very challenging.  Articles such as separating mommy time from work time and how to master being a work-at-home mom are good places to start in gaining some perspective on the challenges that lie ahead.

One of the most popular jobs that women pursue a career in is nursing.  Nursing can be an expensive path with the number of expected classes to take and the time commitment to obtaining the necessary degree.  But, it is a job that is in need of caring Moms because let’s face it, there is no love like the love of a mother. And when a patient is in need, a nurse is right there by their side.

What is growing even more in need today is leadership in nursing.  Obtaining a master of science in nursing, or MSN, is the perfect opportunity to gain advanced skills and knowledge in specialized areas of nursing. Many schools across the world offer masters in nursing leadership. In addition to being able to work at home to get your Masters degree, there are many other perks to getting your Masters degree in nursing.  It should be noted, however, that even though you will be doing most of your work from home, there will be clinical hours expectations that you will have to complete, which may require you to organize your home schedule a bit more.  

Financial Boost

In addition to working in a field that you love, when earning a Masters degree in nursing, you will see a considerable boost in your pay.  The average pay for nurses with degrees break down as follows:


  • Associate Degree=$67,000
  • Bachelor’s Degree=$80,000
  • Master’s Degree=$92,000

It goes without saying that it will be a costly initial investment to obtain the degree, but over time, it will be a huge financial reward.  Increase in salary has also been trending with the number of years that you put in the field. It is estimated that six figures can be earned with ten years or more experience.

Earning the Respect Deserved

The stories that nurses could tell you what they see and face on a daily basis could provide hours of pure horror, laughter, and entertainment.  They are the first line of defense with many patients and are the ones that spend most of the time with the patients. It is a thankless job, for sure.  

Having a graduate degree in nursing will certainly earn even more admiration from colleagues and healthcare professionals.  Knowing how hard it is to obtain this high of a degree creates instant credibility for you. Your opinion will be sought after more and you will be looked upon highly to help in some of the most difficult medical situations that may occur.  Your drive and determination will be very well noted.


Become an Educator

Perhaps your schedule doesn’t dictate the opportunity to work full time in the medical field, but you still want to put your degree to good use.  You could have the opportunity to be an educator working in nursing schools, universities, or hospitals. These hours may be more flexible for those Moms who’s schedule may be pretty tight.  This is a chance to impart your knowledge onto the future nurses of the world. Your passion and excitement for the job will be able to shine through as you help them go through what you worked so hard to go through yourself.


You May be Required to Have an MSN

Depending on the exact reasons for you wanting to obtain an MSN, it may be a requirement in your particular field.  The following advanced practice roles require that you have an MSN:


  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


You will not have the luxury of deciding if you want to go for your advanced degree if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned fields.  If you weren’t interested in any of the above fields, obtaining that degree will afford you the luxury to potentially work in these fields later in life.  It is always best to have options available to you.

Increased Work Flexibility and Leadership

Because of the high demand and need for quality nurses, the hours can be very challenging, especially for mothers.  By obtaining an MSN, you will be one of the more experienced nurses on the staff and should have a bit more say in your hours of work.  You may be able to request shifts that are more convenient for your everyday life schedule.

With this degree, you will also have the opportunity for more leadership positions.  You may be able to lead nursing teams and run your own department. Several of the MSN courses teach clinical skills and management strategies.  You are a daily leader in your home, so you might as well lead at work as well!


Tuition Programs

As discussed earlier in the article, trying to obtain an MSN can be a costly adventure.  There are many grants and scholarships available to apply for to help with the cost. There are also hospitals that pay for nursing school that you can check out to help with the finances.  There are also programs through Johnson and Johnson that offers financial aid.  The more that you are able to research, the more financial help you may be able to find out there.


Expanding your Professional Network

By obtaining an MSN, you will be able to expand your professional network.  You will be able to establish a variety of relationships with professors and other healthcare professionals.  By expanding on your network, you’ll be expanding your ability to make connections that could lead to other jobs or even a doctoral program.  The more people you are able to come across in your field, the more opportunities that can become open to you.


Inspiring Others

Nurses and teachers are two fields that are so underpaid and overlooked for their importance in society.  Most people who decide to teach or become a nurse don’t do it for the money. Obviously, by obtaining a higher degree, you will receive an increase in pay, but more likely than not, you are doing it because you want to help others.  That is something that can never be taught. That is an innate quality.

You will have the ability to inspire the staff that works around you and help be an influence in the healthcare field.  There are always changes in patient care and policies. Holding your MSN will help your credibility by inserting your opinion and ideas into some of the changes that could be affecting healthcare.  

It takes a special person to become a nurse and people know that.  You are given such huge responsibilities each day and you learn to adapt with a calm and comforting nature that your patients trust your judgment.  You learn to treat your patients like you would your own children and that can never be matched.

This is certainly not an easy decision to make, but your heart, undoubtedly, will tell you what is best for you.  If you are able to take a full course load, you will be looking at between 15-24 months to complete the program. This is assuming that you already have a BSN.  If you hold a degree in another field, it will take three-four years of full study to complete. Between the time needed to complete and the financial obligations, it is a decision worth taking your time to make.

But, being a Mom, you can accomplish anything.  There will be stressful days and nights, days that you feel you can’t do it, and nights that you just want to quit.  But, Moms don’t do that. They get things done because they know it has to be done. End of story. You get one life to live–live it to the fullest!


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