The Best Tourist Attractions in Hampshire

These are the best tourist attractions in Hampshire

Hampshire is no ordinary place. Just think about the ports on the Solent from the south and the history of Winchester, and don’t get us started on the National Parks and the country idylls. Check the places to visit Hampshire for even more fun. 

The only problem with Hampshire is that you probably don’t have enough time to see it all. There are medieval market towns and a Norman church, and, of course, we cannot forget about Chawton, the place where Jane Austen lived. 


This one is for those of you who are interested in England’s naval history.

The military harbours have been here since the Romans and you can find the great pieces of heritage here, such as HMS Victory, which was Lord Nelson’s flagship. He found its end in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 on this very boat. 

After that, you can come into the beautiful world of Mary Rose, the Tudor warship which sank in 1545, this, before being raised in 1982 and restored. It was shown to the public after with all of its artefacts in 2016. You can tour the boat around the harbour, too. 


Southampton is basically a spa town from the 1700s. It exploded when the docks were built. The shipyards moved in.

It was known as the “Gateway to the Empire”. We’re sure you’ll be surprised to find out that a third part of the victims of the Titanic tragedy were from Southampton. There’s even a “Titanic Trail” you can visit. You know you want to!

Here you can also find the SeaCity Museum, which has lots of artefacts too. We’re sure you’d like them. 

New Forest

Imagine 380 square kilometres of beech and oak forest. Because that’s what you’ll get if you’re going to visit New Forest. You can walk freely in the whole woods and it’s likely you’ll encounter cattle, which are New Forest ponies, donkeys and deers. You could also enjoy a bike ride if you’re brave enough. 

If you want to see something stunning, make some time to visit the 13th century Beaulieu Palace House, where you could find the Beaulieu Abbey and the National Motor Museum.


This was first founded by the Romans under the name Venta Belgarum. It was made the capital of Wessex by King Alfred the Great. 

Here you’ll find the Norman Winchester Cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals from Europe. It’s also where the author Jane Austen was buried. 

Let’s also remind you of the Winchester College, which is dated from the 14th century and about the St. Cross Hospital, from the 12th century. And the Great Hall of the former Winchester Castle, you cannot, under any circumstance, forget about these. 

Other than these, you’ll encounter lots of museums and a beautiful working watermill. This is the destination you want to take for your vacation. 

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