FREE Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page for Kids and Adults

Thanksgiving is coming, and it’s time to get excited about the delicious food, festive decorations, and family get togethers. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving are the desserts! From mashed potatoes to cookies, there are tons of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season.

And while you’re baking up all these goodies and preparing the Thanksgiving meal for your friends and family, why not keep the kids busy and add a little touch of excitement with a free printable Thanksgiving turkey coloring page?

These Thanksgiving themed turkey designs are perfect for kids or adults who enjoy coloring!

Kids enjoying a big feast at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Take a look through all of our free printables and thanksgiving activities for coloring fun for the whole family.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

Sitting around the dining table for a long family Thanksgiving dinner can sometimes be tough on little ones, so having some coloring pages to hand is a great way to keep them engaged and seated at the table during the family dinner, and a fun way to keep everyone happy and Thanksgiving day running smoothly.

Here is a selection of three cute and simple free coloring pages with cute Turkey pictures to use with the kids during this season.

Hang up your finished turkey coloring pages for an instant Thanksgiving decoration which the kids can feel proud of.

Cute Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids

Here is a look at the coloring pages, you can download all of these via the PDF files at the bottom of this post or if you just want one picture – right click and save the image then print from your computer according to your printer settings.

Adorable Turkey with a Pilgrim Hat

Isn’t he cute?! Kids can color and decorate with felt tip pens, markers, crayons or paint. Maybe they could glue on some colorful craft feathers for the Turkey’s feathers? Kids can get creative and decorate their own turkey coloring sheet however they like!

Print out a few of each design for a variety of thanksgiving crafts, and lower stress for everyone this Thanksgiving season.

Its thanksgiving coloring page for kids with a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat

Basic Turkey Outline Coloring Page

This one is also great as a Thanksgiving Turkey Craft template. Use scrunched up tissue paper in different colors with an Autumn or Fall theme such as bright reds, burnt orange, brown and mustard yellow and glue them on to decorate the entire Turkey. Fall colors are some of my favorite colors!

With this Turkey craft template you can have an instant Thanksgiving craft project and repurpose it in so many easy ways.

You can see more about how to make scrunched tissue pictures on our Scrunched Tissue Paper Fall Leaves Craft – This is another perfect activity to keep the kids busy and entertained during Thanksgiving. It is so easy to set up with very little mess.

Thanksgiving turkey craft template with a turkey outline

Side Profile Turkey Coloring Page

For young children, coloring and decorating their own turkeys is an easy and fun way to work on motor skills and increase focus.

Kids can also trace these turkey pictures to practise their drawing and tracing skills as they copy the simple outlines. This also works as a fun classroom activity.

Adult Coloring Pages for Thanksgiving

Adult coloring has been a huge trend in recent years. Our coloring books for adults blog post has literally millions of page views – you guys are loving it!

Coloring is great for mindfulness and channeling your inner peace. What else is great for all of that? Gratitude – so Thanksgiving and mindful coloring are the perfect match!

You might also like our Autumn themed coloring pages over at our Sister blog On Your Journey, so if you need a couple more varieties of coloring pages please hop over and download those (also completely free)

Here are our detailed Zentangle style Turkey coloring pages for grown ups or older kids. Each of these will take a while to complete. I sometimes like to take one of these detailed coloring pages and sit with the kids coloring mine while they get through a few of their own – this is great family time, and you all can talk and chit chat while coloring together. Make this one of your family’s fun thanksgiving traditions!

This works with kids of all ages. Little kids – big kids – everyone can benefit from a little relaxation and connection after the turkey dinner.

Attitude of Gratitude Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Detailed thanksgiving turkey coloring page free printable saying attitude of gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

Detailed thanksgiving turkey coloring page free printable saying happy thanksgiving

Happy Fall Y’all Turkey Coloring Page

Detailed thanksgiving turkey coloring page free printable

Which of these is your favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page?!

Download the Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets as PDF files

These Printable PDFs each contain all of the kids versions, and all of the adults versions, in one convenient file.

Detailed Thanksgiving Turkey Mindful Coloring

Click the download button under the file preview for your free instant digital download of the Detailed Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages (three sheets included)

Please note on this file preview it looks squished, but once you download it is totally fine so please don’t worry – the preview proportions are just a little off. We double checked to make sure and the actual file is all good.

Simplified Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids

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Free printable thanksgiving turkey coloring pages for kids and adults with lots of designs to choose from

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoyed our Free printable thanksgiving turkey coloring pages. Have a wonderful time!

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