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Thanksgiving is a special time to gather around the dinner table, share a hearty meal, and make new family memories. Among the many fun activities that can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving celebration, there’s one craft that stands out for its simplicity, beauty, and the joy it brings, especially to the younger members of the family: the Paper Crown Turkey Headband Craft.

Enjoy making and wearing this turkey craft together with the kids this holiday season and thanksgiving day. 

free printable thanksgiving turkey headband craft for kids

Make Your Own Free Printable Turkey Paper Crowns

There’s no better way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit than by diving into festive crafts that celebrate the essence of the holiday. 

Thanksgiving crafts like our adorable turkey headband not only provide a great activity for the whole family, but they also serve as the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner attire. This easy thanksgiving craft is a fun way for everyone, from preschool students to adults, to show their thanksgiving spirit. 

And what’s a more iconic symbol of Thanksgiving than a turkey? So go ahead and grab your turkey headband craft printable

Free Printable Turkey Paper Headband Craft
Yield: 1

Free Printable Turkey Paper Headband Craft

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Introducing the perfect thanksgiving craft: the Turkey Headband! Crafted with love and imagination, this simple thanksgiving craft features a delightful turkey face right at the front of the headband, representing the spirit of the holiday.

With the free template provided, it's an easy way for kids to recreate the image of a little turkey, adding a touch of authenticity.

This printable craft is designed keeping in mind the skill levels of a preschool student, making it a fantastic and engaging activity for them. If you're in search of a perfect kid’s craft this festive season, our turkey headband template selection is undoubtedly a good idea.


  • Free printable turkey headband template (PDF file provided below)
  • White cardstock or brown construction paper
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Glue stick or tacky glue
  • Stapler or clear tape
  • Optional: glitter, stickers, googly eyes for decoration
  • Optional: card stock in thanksgiving colors for turkey feathers
  • Now that you've gather up all your supplies you're ready to make some sweet turkey headbands.


  • Printer
  • Scissors


  1. Preparation: Begin by downloading the free turkey headband template from the link provided below. For best results, print the template on cardstock or sturdy white paper
  2. Coloring Time: Hand over the printed template to the kids and watch their creativity soar as they color in the turkey's body, face, and feathers. This is a great opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills while they stay engaged. If you want to transform this into a thankful turkey headband, then encourage the kids to write down one thing they are thankful or grateful for on each feather of the turkey's tail, along the outer edges.
  3. Cutting & Assembling: Once the coloring is done, carefully cut out around the turkey head, turkey feathers, and long rectangles that will serve as the band around the child’s head. Younger children may need assistance with this step.
  4. Finalizing the Headband: Measure the long rectangles around your child's head and staple or tape the ends to create the completed headband. Ensure it's comfortable and fits well.
  5. Personal Touch: Now, for the fun part! Embellish the headband with googly eyes, glitter, or any other decorations you have on hand. Remember, this is the perfect time to let creativity shine. Use glue to attach all of these decorations.


Typical colors you may need for your turkey are brown, yellow, orange and red but feel free to use your own ideas

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The idea behind this craft is to provide a great way for children to connect with the essence of Thanksgiving. The turkey, with its distinguishable turkey’s head and turkey body, stands as a symbol of this wonderful holiday.

And what better means to keep the little ones engaged than offering them a simple craft that they can proudly display and even wear?

Not only does this activity cater to various skill levels, but it also becomes a fun song of creativity, where every stroke of color tells a unique story.

free printable Thanksgiving turkey headband craft for kids

It’s truly the perfect activity to immerse kids in, letting their imaginations soar and their little hands work wonders.

For parents and teachers, the free printable template is a blessing. It streamlines the process and ensures that the kids have a guideline to follow, eliminating any potential overwhelm.

Imagine the joy on a preschool student’s face when they finally put together their turkey headband, ready to show it off to friends, family, or classmates.

The best part? The craft can also be incorporated into a broader thanksgiving activity pack, making the celebrations even more special and memorable.

Why not follow up with making this fork-painted turkey, which is a lot of fun especially for toddlers and preschoolers.

Free Download Cute Turkey Headband Template PDF

Download Your Free Turkey Headband Template Here

free printable turkey headband craft

Click below to download the turkey template pages, there are two pages included in the turkey hat template PDF file: the front part of the turkey headband and some extra band pieces so you have enough depending on your child’s head size. 

Terms of use: free resource for personal use and classroom use only, not for commercial use. 

These adorable thanksgiving turkey headbands are not just a simple activity; they’re a perfect way to bond as a family and get everyone into the Thanksgiving holiday mood, from younger kids to bigger kids and even the grown ups. 

When you see your kids proudly wearing their handmade pieces, it’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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Happy thanksgiving! We hope you enjoyed this turkey headband craft printable!

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