Step by Step How to Make a Christmas Eve Box for Kids

The holidays are a hectic time of year, and with the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about some of the little details. One idea that’s been catching on is making a Christmas Eve Box for Kids.

In this box, you include items that will help the kids have a wonderful Christmas Eve – but first, how do you make it? In this blog post we will guide you through a step by step tutorial on How to Make a Personalised Christmas Eve Box for the kids.

Step by step how to make a Christmas Eve box for the kids

With Christmas Eve just around the corner, and after what has been a very long and unusual year, we are here to help make this festive season as magical as possible for you and your little ones. 

So, why not officially kick off Santa season with a personalised Christmas Eve box. Get the Christmas tunes blaring, festive snacks out, and get ready to get crafty. 

DIY Christmas Eve Box Supplies

We all know how much children love to be surprised so why not give them one more surprise this year? Here’s everything you need to make your own Christmas Eve Box for Kids!

What you will need to get started:

  • Glue Gun
  • Wooden Box
  • Christmas craft 
  • Paint 
  • Scissors

The Box:

First things first, get your box ready. A Large Wooden Box (25 x 20 x 10cm) like the one we linked from The Works is a wonderful blank canvas, allowing you to be as creative as possible. 

RRP: £4

make your own Christmas Eve box

Time for the personalisation to begin…

Step 1: 

Paint – Crawford and Black Acrylic Paints

acrylic paint

RRP: £4

The first step is to cover your wooden box in your favourite colour. Are you making the box with your pink obsessed little one? Or are you going to stick with the festive theme and go with red or green? The choice is yours! 

painting a Christmas Eve box red using acrylic paint

After painting, be sure to leave plenty of time for the box to dry thoroughly before moving on to decorating. It’s best to paint the day before, and come back the following day to decorate to be on the safe side.

Step 2: 

Start creating your Borders – You could use Red and White Luxury Christmas Ribbon or Red and Gold Luxury Christmas Ribbon RRP: £2

luxury festive ribbon for christmas craft

It’s time to unleash your creative flair. Choose one of the luxury Christmas Ribbons, from The Works, and use this to line the borders of your box.

glue down ribbon borders on the Christmas Eve box craft

You’ll need to cut the ribbons to length and then grab a glue gun to make sure these are stuck down firmly.

mini glue gun for crafts

Step 3: 

Letters – Wooden Alphabet Letters

Now here is where the magic begins. Grab your alphabet letters to add a personalised touch to your Christmas Eve box. Why not add a name? Or wish that special someone a ‘Merry Christmas’.

Adding wooden letters to Christmas Eve box

You can have a play around with this and make this box as personal and special as possible.

wooden letters for crafts

RRP: £4

Step 4:

Make a Christmas Tree to decorate the top of the Christmas Eve Box

Add some details to your Christmas Eve Box such as a festive tree. Grab your bag of assorted craft, choose your materials, and start cutting (but don’t forget your star!).

use green card to make a Christmas tree for christmas crafts with kids

Tip: you can use the back of your card to create your Christmas tree pot.

assorted bag of craft supplies

RRP: £6

Step 5: 

Grab your glue gun, because for this final step you’re going to finish by adding those all-important details. You can use sequins to add baubles to your tree, and pom-poms and stars to fill those extra spaces – completing your box with a final festive touch!

And there you have it – a super easy and cute Homemade Christmas Eve box for the kids!

Adapt the design as much as you like to keep it super personal and unique, but we hope this Christmas Eve Box craft tutorial gave you some inspiration and ideas to get started.

personalised Christmas Eve box craft tutorial step by step

Now, what are you going to put inside the Christmas Eve Box?

Some popular ideas are new cosy Christmas pyjamas, a special mug with Christmas hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, a new Christmas book and maybe some Christmas colouring or activities. Some people like to include a new Christmas movie to help the little ones get settled down and quiet on Christmas Eve ready to sleep before the big day ahead.

This will soon become one of your family’s favourite Christmas Eve traditions

You can create one Christmas Eve Box per child, or one to share like the example below. Both ways are magical.

After Christmas, they can use it to store all of their favourite things in or you can put it away to re-use the following year.

Step by step craft tutorial how to make a Christmas Eve box for the kids

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How to make a Christmas Eve Box for kids, easy personalised Christmas craft. This is such a great tradition to create festive family memories

We hope you have fun making your own Christmas Eve Box craft, and Happy Christmas everyone!

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