Taking care of that old best friend

Owning a pet has to be one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone can possibly have. As an animal lover I had pets my whole life and I just couldn’t imagine it being any different. Now that I am a mother I get to transfer this passion to my already pet crazy daughter and in this article we will talk about looking after them when they need us the most.

Owning a pet is the perfect mixture of absolute joy and chaos. They bring light and unconditional love to whoever has the honour to own them but it also mean having a lot of extra responsibilities. They are active, playful and will keep you busy the whole day. On average dogs will live between 8 to 13 years so you need to have that in mind before making the lifetime decision of getting a cute little puppy. Also a great reminder that may sound unnecessary but it isn’t is that they will not look cute and fluffy and tiny forever. That puppy phase will give place to a sometimes lazy and grumpy little friend that could also start showing signs of health issues, so please also have that in mind.

Having owned dogs and cats my whole life I feel very comfortable talking about the good and not so good sides of adding a pet to your family. Finances are one of the very important aspects of having a pet that a lot of people do not take into consideration before making a decision this important. In the first few months of life there is a series of vaccinations they will need. That will obviously cost money. Then there is worm tablets, tablets to prevent tick and flee, grooming, so on and so forth. Have I mentioned possible an inevitable emergencies that may happen? Puppies are inquisitive little creatures and just like children they are clumsy and can get in trouble. So having some savings and a pet insurance are very good measures to make sure these possible issues are covered.

Its also advised to sterilise pets whenever is advisable by a vet. There is a lot of misconception about sterilization and research is key to find the right information and make a conscious and informed decision on this controversial topic. Having a few dogs and cats castrated in the past and being such an animal lover, the thought of putting those little souls through surgery and possible pain, even knowing is very low risk can be a daunting and scary experience but I never had any post operation issues and the aftercare is absolutely fine. Not to mention that benefits are many and worth it. It reduces undesirable behaviours, it improves their health and most importantly prevents unwanted litters. In a world where so many pets are abandoned, sterilization is a public health issue.

There are studies that show that sterilization will help your beloved pet live a longer and healthier life. They will be a little grumpy post op and will also have to wear the cone of shame for a few days to make sure their stitches heal properly. It takes a bit of adjustment to move around the house with a big cone on your head. Ordinary things like eating and drinking which were fairly easy will become a bit of a struggle but I have to confess it can be quite funny and sweet to watch. It won’t be long until they are fully healed and running around the house causing havoc and acting like absolutely nothing happened.

As your pet gets older they may start showing signs of illnesses such as blindness, deafness, joint issues, obesity, etc. This is a very delicate stage of a pet’s life and you will need to be patient and even more loving and caring towards them. Its the natural course of life and its our duty as owners to make this part of their beautiful lives as comfortable and safe for them as possible. As their general health starts to gradually deteriorate its important to keep an eye your pet joint health. Arthritis is a very common problem that they may develop and making sure this particular one is treated as soon as possible can have a huge impact on their overall health.

When deciding to own a pet always have these not so fun aspects in mind but also remember that the pure happiness and unconditional love these incredible creatures bring to your life makes it all worth it. This kind of love is so rare and should be cherished.




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