How To Train Lab Puppies

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, not only for pets but also as working animals. Labs can be a great addition to any family due to their gentle temperament and friendly nature, but it is their intelligence that sets them apart from other dog breeds.

This is what makes labradors suitable for a range of job roles, such as a police dog or comfort animal. Labradors, with the correct training, can be a great emotional support dog that are given to people of all ages. Emotional support dogs can be used for a range of issues, including comforting those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and seizures.

To ensure that your labrador is suitable to be put in a working position, training needs to start early.

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Moving With a Cat: Tips for Making It Less Stressful

As Sigmund Freud once said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted”. These beautiful creatures have been companions to mankind for thousands of years and still never cease to amaze. Independent and idiosyncratic in their behavior, they take no orders and have no master but themselves, always driven by a combination of cunning and curiosity. Their graceful and confident moves waste no energy and allow them to scale virtually everything, rightfully earning them a saying “nimble as a cat”. If you’re not a dog person, chances are you will love the felines. 


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Pet Turtles: Should You Get One?

A turtle can be a wonderful pet. However, before you get one, make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Turtles are among the oldest reptiles on earth. Their hard shell and slow mannerisms make them unique pets. There are many species of turtles. Some prefer to live on land, while others prefer to live in water. Their dietary needs are also different. If you decide to own one, do some research and observations first. If you want to know if you should have a turtle as a pet, keep reading.

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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets.. we love them, but they can definitely add to the cleaning work load of the family home. Some common messy traits that we pet owners have to deal with are shedding hair, spreading mud around the house, getting food everywhere or litter and toileting accidents. 

Beko put together some research showing 2021 Pet Habits revealed and we are going to share some cleaning tips to help all of you pet owners, whether you are a cat household, a dog household or even a fish household. 

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Top Tips for Dog Owners

If you’ve just adopted a new puppy or you’ve had your loyal companion for a number of years, there are certain tips that can help any dog owner.

Plan Your Budget

Knowing your budget is essential before and during your adoption. Getting a dog can be expensive when you consider food, bedding, toys, and bills for treatments or vaccinations.

Make sure you know your budget so you know that you can afford to give your dog the best care possible. It’s a good idea to overestimate your expenses so you’re prepared in case of unforeseen vet bills if your dog gets injured and needs emergency treatment.

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What Are The Most Common Health Problems For Dogs?

When you add a new dog to your family, you are committing to looking after them for their entire life. For many people, a dog is just like another child and so any health problems are taken extremely seriously. Not only should you have a registered vet that you can visit from time to time to check on your dog, but you should also know about the common health problems that you should look out for. To help you make sure that your dog is healthy and that your family doesn’t lose a beloved member sooner than necessary, we have gathered some information on the most common health problems for dogs. Read on to hear what these are so you can spot the signs right away. 

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8 Perfect Smaller Pets For Busy Family Homes  

It can be tricky to fit a pet into a busy family home, particularly if you don’t have the time and space to commit to a larger pet like a dog or cat. Pets can help complete a family and teach kids valuable lessons about responsibility and caring for those around you.  

If you have a smaller home or your family is too large to accommodate a larger pet, there are many smaller pets that you could consider adopting instead. Smaller pets can also be a great way to test the waters and see if your kids are ready for the responsibility of a larger pet.  

Here are some of the best smaller pets that will suit any busy family home.  

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Taking care of that old best friend

Owning a pet has to be one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone can possibly have. As an animal lover I had pets my whole life and I just couldn’t imagine it being any different. Now that I am a mother I get to transfer this passion to my already pet crazy daughter and in this article we will talk about looking after them when they need us the most.

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