Celebrating Galentine’s Day

We have all heard of Valentine’s Day. Once February roles around, everyone’s mind starts to go towards this celebration of love. February 14th is a special day, which most people associate with romantic love. But what about all the other types of love in our lives? Today, let’s talk about Galentine’s Day.

What is Galentine’s Day?

There are so many relationships in our lives which make our days so much better and bring us happiness all year round. The concept of Galentine’s Day came about to celebrate the importance of friendship, specifically our female friendships.

Galentine’s Day is a non official holiday, which is actually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, on February 14th.

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating and acknowledging those important female friendships who make up our support system, and make our lives better. Galentine’s Day is not only a thing for singles. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, our female friendships are still so important to enrich our lives.

I feel like having strong friendships outside of your marriage or relationship is important for both sides of a couple. Rather than expect just one person to fulfil us in every way, it’s better to have a variety of people we can turn to and recharge ourselves with, and in turn that can make our relationships stronger as well as making us happier and more fulfilled as individuals.

Galentine’s Day Gifts

Daisy London offered me the chance to choose some of their gorgeous jewellery to celebrate Galentines Day, so of course I had to choose something each for me and for Luciana. As you might know, we both write our blogs together (here at In The Playroom and you can also find us at On Your Journey)

We are so lucky to be able to work together, as best friends, and when these special occasions come around it’s great to take the time to appreciate not only our romantic partner, but our friends too.

The power of female friendship is such a force for good within our lives. We see each other through hard times, we empower each other, we lift each other up and we brighten up each other’s days with our silly inside jokes. We kick each other’s ass when we need it, and we know that when the other one needs help, or someone to listen, we will be there without question.

When women work together, and support each other, there is no limit to what we can achieve and to me this is such a beautiful thing. I love the idea of celebrating this, it is just as important as romantic love.

I chose us both a beautiful necklace from Daisy London, with different stones for each of us. Daisy London has a wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings with gold, silver and all kinds of designs like simple chains, layering necklaces, or pendants but I was straight away drawn to the ones with the precious stones because Luciana and I both really like crystals.

I like how each stone or crystal has different meanings, and that you can find some really beautiful colours.

For my necklace, I picked mother of pearl, with gold. I love the subtle colours within mother of pearl, it reminds me of shells and it is one of my favourite stones.

For Luciana I got green aventurine, this stone symbolises creativity, confidence and success and the deep green colour is gorgeous.

I am sure she is going to love it, because everything from Daisy London is amazing quality from the jewellery itself to the packaging, the boxes and gift bag and they even included a little magazine with the order which is a thoughtful addition.

Galentine’s Day Plans

There are so many simple and fun ideas to spend Galentine’s Day with your girl friends. Here are just a few ideas if you’re looking for inspiration

  • Go for a brunch with the girls
  • Movie night with wine
  • Do a picnic in the park (if the weather is nice!)
  • Go to a paint and sip event
  • Have a shopping day
  • Get your nails done together
white nails

Happy Galentine’s Day, girls! Whatever your plans, we hope you have fun with the friends that you love 🙂

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