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May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day! I’ve got together with a group of blogging friends to share lots of fun Star wars activities for kids to mark the occasion.

The kids and I had fun with Star Wars Moon Dough, and for the rest of the activities, make sure that you read down to the end of the post.

Star wars moon dough. Fun Star Wars themed sensory play activity for kids. Super easy to set up

Our star wars moon dough is a really easy to set up sensory activity that combines tactile sensory play with Star Wars small world. I had been thinking to combine the Star Wars figures with some of our home made cloud dough but we seem to have misplaced the container somewhere in the house, so even though it’s super quick to whip up another batch I decided just to do the activity with moon dough instead. We hadn’t played with the moon dough in a while, so that probably worked out better anyway!

Moon dough is a mouldable dough, a little like kinetic sand but without the fluffiness and “moving” element. It is really smooth and fun to play with.

star wars moon dough

I set up the tray with some moon dough and some of our Star Wars command figures and let the kids come up with their own ways to play. For the tray, we use these Ikea trays (if you buy them in store at Ikea it’s £1 each)

star wars moon dough

They played a lot with hiding figures inside the moon dough and then using other characters to break them out, or hiding a figure and then challenging someone else to find it in the moon dough.

star wars moon dough

The moon dough cleans right off the figures afterwards, so don’t worry about that!

If your kids have some small Star Wars figures, why not try combining them with moon dough, cloud dough, playdough or kinetic sand for a super simple and fun play activity for Star Wars day today!

If you want more moon themed activities, and moon dough recipes check out our moon crafts round up below.

Star Wars Crafts and Activities

Here we have lots more Star Wars themed ideas and inspiration for kids.

Star wars activities for kids, perfect for Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you!

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  1. My youngest is now 16 and a bit old for moon dough, but he would have loved this a few years ago.
    We both wore Star Wars T -Shirts and watched Episode 3 yesterday instead! (Has to be done!) I kind of miss this kind of activity to do with them though, I think I would enjoy playing with this too!


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