Seat Belt Safety: Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

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When our kids are young, car seat safety is at the forefront of our minds when travelling in the car. As they get older and more independent, it’s easy to relax on a lot of things, but car safety is something that should never be compromised. Although they no longer need to be in a booster seat, there are still some safety issues to consider when transporting tweens and older children.

seat belt safety for tweens

When is a child big enough to transition to an adult seat belt?

This is usually some time between 8-12 years. Kids should be kept in a booster seat until they outgrow the size limits, or are big enough to fit properly in seat belts.

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Front or Back Seat?

All children under age 13 should ride in the back seat of the car for maximum safety. The back seat is the safest place for your children because most crashes occur in the front of the car and the back seat is farthest from this impact.

ice cream for dinner vs wearing a seat belt. Somethings can not be compromised!


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From 2009 to 2013, nearly half of tweens who died travelling in passenger vehicles were not wearing seat belts. Parents -YOU have the biggest impact on their children’s safety in the car, and seat belt safety should never be a compromise.

Make sure to set a good example yourself by making sure that you buckle up and wear your own seat belt each time since kids learn from your example.

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