Slumber Sac Kids Sleeping Bag Review

In the cold weather, it’s so good to be able to snuggle up and keep warm and comfy. We were sent a kids sleeping bag from SlumberSac which is great for keeping kids nice and warm, especially if they have a tendency to throw the duvet off them in their sleep.

We used baby sleeping bags with the boys often when they were little, but once they get a bit older it’s not so easy to find sleeping bags for that age group, and they transitioned over to duvets. My 5 year old T loves sleeping bags though, as he likes being snugly wrapped up so the slumber sac kids sleeping bag is particularly good for him.

We were sent the children’s green camouflage sleeping bag from Slumbersac to try out and it’s great.

Slumber Sac kids sleeping bag

Unlike baby sleeping bags, this sleeping bag comes with sleeves as you can see above, and is easy enough for T to zip himself into, with a long zip that runs all the way down the front of the sleeping bag.

T loves the camouflage design as it’s not babyish at all. His older brother also really liked the look of it, so we may get more in the future.

The kids sleeping bags comes in sizes 3-6 years and 6-10 years, and in a choice of 3 different togs: 0.5 for summer, 2.5 for a standard tog and 3.5 for winter which is the one we went for which is perfect for this time of year.

T has the size 3-6 sleeping bag, and we’ve found that to be generously sized enough since he will be 6 next month but has no problem fitting into the sleeping bag comfortably.

Since T started using the sleeping bag, we’ve washed it several times and it always washes well and dries quickly in the tumble dryer. The sleeping bags are 100% cotton and 100% cotton lined and padded with soft quick-dry polyester fleece, and the quality and feel of the material is good. It looks just as good after using and washing as it did when we first got it, so it seems like it will last really well.

This sleeping bag is available for 28.99 on the Slumbersac website – click through to see all of the designs available in children’s sleeping bags.

slumber sac kids sleeping bag


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