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My boys are really into dressing up at the moment. If you come to our house, chances are you’ll find at least a couple of them running around in superhero costumes or some kind of fancy dress. We’re always expanding our collection, so I was happy to test out a few costumes from Fun Warehouse with them.

Fun Warehouse have a pretty wide collection, where you can find outfits based on all kinds of kids characters, as well as historical and book day costumes, and costumes for seasons like Halloween or Christmas.

kids costumes from funwarehouse

As you can see, my kids favourites are the character based costumes.

We went for Buzz Lightyear, Harry Potter and Red Power Ranger.

I was happy with the quality of all of the costumes, and they’ve stood up well to plenty of wear around the house. The sizes were as expected too and the kids love them!

Buzz Lightyear Costume

buzz lightyear costumeFirst up is Buzz Lightyear. This costume is a printed suit, which comes with a purple head piece and foam wings which velcro on to the back of the suit.

This suit is a fairly thin one, with no padding or bulk to it. There are other ‘deluxe’ versions available on Fun Warehouse too so you can take your pick, but if you have a child who likes to feel really comfy in their costumes then this basic type is ideal – and there is enough room in the suit to fit it over clothes if you like, or wear it on it’s own. The wings don’t always stay on as firmly as I would like, so T often removes those but the main suit is distinctive enough as Buzz Lightyear anyway, with plenty of detail.

buzz lightyear costume wings

Harry Potter Costume

harry potter gryffindor costume

Z chose a deluxe Harry Potter robe, which you can wear on top of regular clothes. This deluxe version is made of a soft velvety material, which is nice and thick and has a good quality feel to it. It can be used for boys or girls to make a Harry costume, Hermione costume or any Gryffindor character that you prefer – so it is pretty versatile in that way. Z wanted to be Harry, and with the addition of a face painted lightning bolt scar and some glasses you’ll have a very distinctive costume with minimal effort, which is comfy to wear too.

The robe has an embroidered Gryffindor crest on the chest, and the hood is lined with silky material in a maroon Gryffindor colour. It closes with velcro at the neck area, and is otherwise open.

harry potter gryffindor robes

Red Power Ranger Costume

Red power ranger costumeThis costume is a one piece suit, but with a layered look and belt attached. It also comes with a hard plastic red power ranger mask which has mesh inside the eyes.

R was so excited to get this costume, and he looks just like his favourite red Power Ranger figure with it! The one piece style is ideal since it’s easy to take on and off for little ones, but still has the look of being a separate jacket like the real power ranger costume. The suit is a lightweight material that’s comfy for kid to move and play in, which is important since pretending to be a power ranger can be pretty active!

red power ranger costume

All of the costumes we got from Fun Warehouse have been a hit here with the kids, and with me. Do check out their site for all of your kids costumes needs! They have plenty of reductions from the RRPs too, so I’m sure I’ll order from them in future when we’re adding even more costumes to our collection.

Check out their site at


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