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Introducing our Secret Codes CVC Flash Cards Printable – a fun, engaging, and innovative approach to learning and practicing CVC words. This activity is designed for young readers, particularly those in the early years of their reading journey, to decode and form words in a captivating manner and you can download this resource for free at the end of this blog post. 

cvc flashcards secret code activity, free printable pack

How the Secret Codes CVC Flash Cards Work:

The concept is straightforward yet intriguing. Kids will identify the beginning letter sounds from the images on the flashcards.

By putting those sounds together, they can create a new CVC word, akin to decoding a secret code. This ensures they grasp the essential skill of decoding short vowel sounds and forming simple words.

  • Effective Resources: It’s not just about CVC word flash cards; this activity makes learning fun. It’s an easy way to ensure your first grader or first-grade students get that extra practice in a captivating manner.
  • Diverse Usage: Whether you’re looking for CVC worksheets, phonics flashcards, or CVC puzzles, this digital product offers a variety of ways to learn.
  • Perfect for Early Readers: Simple words, sight words, and even nonsense words – this is a powerful tool that combines them all to enhance reading skills.

CVC Secret Word Flashcards

Here are a few of the CVC Flashcards so you can see the examples, along with the word lists. There are 5 sets with 6 cards each, each set focuses on one short vowel sound.

You can use these for focused practice, or mix them all up.

Here are the pages along with the answer key to avoid any confusion

Short a words

  • Cat – Apple – Turtle = CAT
  • Nest – Apple – Pig = NAP
  • Yak – Apple – Map = YAM
  • Lion – Apple – Puppy / Dog = LAP / LAD
  • Watermelon – Apple – FoX = WAX (fox symbolises X not F here)
  • Rainbow – Apple – Guitar = RAG

Short e words

  • Volcano – Elephant – Turtle = VET
  • House – Elephant – Map = HEM
  • Yak – Elephant – Snail = YES
  • Bee – Elephant – Dog = BED
  • Kite – Elephant – Guitar = KEG
  • Zebra – Elephant – Nest = ZEN

Short i words

  • Flower – Igloo – Turtle = FIT
  • Dog – Igloo – Pig = DIP
  • Rainbow – Igloo – Dog = RID
  • Watermelon – Igloo – Guitar = WIG
  • Jar – Igloo – Guitar = JIG
  • Bee – Igloo – Bee = BIB

Short o words

  • Pig – Octopus – FoX = POX
  • Rainbow – Octopus – Turtle = ROT
  • Rainbow – Octopus – Dog = ROD
  • House – Octopus – Pig = HOG
  • Flower – Octopus – Guitar = FOG
  • Jar – Octopus – Bee = JOB

Short u words

  • House – Umbrella – Turtle = HUT
  • Turtle – Umbrella – FoX = TUX
  • Cat – Umbrella – Bee = CUB
  • Bee – Umbrella – Nest = BUN
  • Bee – Umbrella – Snail = BUS
  • Dog – Umbrella – Guitar = DUG

Incorporating in Your Teaching Routine

This set is a great resource for those looking for teaching materials that offer an innovative approach. From CVC word cards covering all the short vowel sounds, you get a comprehensive set.

This is the perfect resource for in the classroom or at home.

Use in a preschool, kindergarten or a first-grade classroom depending on the level of your students. Incorporate it into lesson plans or use it as a matching card activity.

 For parents, this is an excellent way to reinforce what your child learns at school. Use it as a fun way to engage with them during their reading journey.

How to Use the CVC Secret Words Flashcards

How to Use CVC Secret Word Cards
Yield: 5

How to Use CVC Secret Word Cards

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

The Secret Codes CVC Flash Cards Printable is an engaging activity designed to help young learners practice and decode CVC words.

Kids identify the beginning letter sounds of depicted images on the flashcards.

Combining these sounds, they form and decode a new CVC word, turning word formation into a fun secret code-breaking game.


  • White Cardstock or Printer Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Optional - laminating pouches and dry wipe marker


  • Printer


  1. Download the free PDF file at the end of this blog post
  2. Print pages 1-6
  3. Use cardstock for more durable cards, or laminate if preferred
  4. Each page has 6 cards, cut these out separately if preferred
  5. Have the kids look at the pictures and identify the words, then identify the beginning sound for each picture and write into the corresponding box below
  6. Once all three boxes are filled in, have the kids blend the three letters sounds to read and discover the CVC word

Did you make this project?

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Early years are critical in a child’s educational journey. With our Secret Codes CVC Flash Cards Printable, not only do you get a great way to practice CVC word family and CVC words flashcards, but it’s also a fun activity that kids will look forward to. And let’s face it, anything that makes learning fun is a win!

So, don’t wait! This is the best place to get a great resource. And if you’re wondering about reviews? We’ve got glowing 5-star reviews from educators and parents alike.

Download now and be a part of this exciting learning experience. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check our site for more free resources, including rhyming worksheets, CVC games, and more. Happy teaching and learning!

Free Download Secret Code CVC Word Flashcards PDF

The best part? We’re offering free printable CVC word flashcards. The digital file is available in a printable pdf format, ensuring you have the actual size for print. For best results, we recommend using card stock for the printable flashcards, and you can even make them into a fold-over card for added durability.

Terms of use: This PDF download is free for personal use and classroom use, not for commercial use. 

We hope you found this CVC word activity helpful, please go ahead and share this blog post with friends, family or colleagues or share to social media, so that more parents, teachers and care givers can benefit from the free resources.

Thanks so much for your support.

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