Transforming Your Home’s Exterior & External Spaces

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By Luciana Oliveira

Research suggests that UK homeowners now spend up to £40bn on home improvements. While many people focus primarily on updating internal living spaces, you must not forget external upgrades.

In this quick guide, we’ll discuss some of the key items that should be on your checklist.

Why Prioritise Exterior Upgrades?

Before starting any home upgrade project, it’s important to remember that you probably have a long list of jobs that you’d like to complete. The harsh reality is that you won’t be able to do everything, at least not right away. Therefore, it’s vital that you focus on the right area of the home. 

There are many reasons for updating your home’s exterior and external spaces. Some of the most telling issues include, but are not limited to;

  • Keeping the property in good health protects the interiors too.
  • The exterior is the first thing you see and will set the atmosphere before entering the home.
  • An attractive exterior makes the property more attractive to buyers – 54% make judgments within 30 seconds.
  • External living areas bring a whole new dimension to the property, adding value to your home life.
  • Upgrades to the external can save you money in the long run.

Moreover, many outside upgrades will cause far less disruption to your daily life than internal upgrades that leave rooms out of use.

A Checklist Of Home Improvements To Consider

Deciding that you want to upgrade the outside areas of your property is one thing but knowing which jobs need completing is another. Ultimately, no two homes or households are the same, meaning you’ll have to build a strategy that matches your needs and budget.

Nonetheless, some projects are more common than others and can bring huge rewards for your family. Use the following checklist for guidance and you won’t go far wrong.

Roof Upgrades

When considering potential home upgrade projects, it makes sense to start at the top of the home and work your way down. The harsh reality is that a faulty roof will cause heat loss and increase the risk of leaks that could damage the home. Meanwhile, loose items could potentially fall and hit someone.

Roofing materials are very affordable when you visit sites like As well as roofing sheets, you can pick up aluminium gutter systems to aid your water management needs and prevent water pooling on the roof. Even if you need to hire an expert to complete the restorations, it’ll be worthwhile. 

The improved look, performance, and safety of the roof will instantly boost your relationship with the property as a whole.

Window Replacements

In addition to paying attention to the roof, you must also look to upgrade outdated windows. Windows account for 10% of a home’s heat loss. This figure can become even higher if there are cracks around the frames. Replacing the windows is, therefore, a key step to going green. In truth, the benefits extend to many other matters.

New windows won’t only make the home look nicer from the outside. They can actively improve the interior design of each room as the frames and panes look new. The ability to introduce more natural light into the room is another ideal step. It also allows you to switch from side-hung windows to pivots. Or from horizontal to vertical.

If going green is a priority, you can take the aforementioned roof upgrades to new heights with solar panels. 

Security Upgrades

When thinking about your dream home, it’s easy to picture large TVs and fancy tech. Ultimately, though, nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. Keeping intruders at bay is particularly important, not least because failing to put this right will put you on edge. 

Home security features are more advanced than ever before. Surveillance cameras, alarms, and motion-sensor lighting are all great options. Meanwhile, you can check out to discover video doorbells. As well as adding an extra layer of security, it provides great convenience for when you’re not home.

In addition to adding tech features, though, you must check that all doors and windows feature secure locks. It will stop unauthorised access.

Deck Installations

If you are blessed with a garden, it’s important to make good use of it. When you do, it will add a whole new dimension to the property. Simple deck installations are one of the most effective projects. They will leave you with an outside living space you’ll want to use time and time again. 

A deck will provide the perfect setting to enjoy family meals in the sunshine or chill on a long Sunday afternoon. After completing the installation, you will just need to add some rattan furniture and simple comforts. Patio heaters, lighting, and sound systems are the most popular choices. However, this is something you can add to over time. 

As well as the added function, the addition of a deck is sure to improve the appearance of your garden. Perfect.

Sliding Door Installations

When you are looking for ways to spend more time enjoying the garden, making it more accessible should be high on the agenda. Sliding doors that connect the internal and external living spaces are the perfect choice. It adds convenience while also creating a large space for hosting friends.

Sliding doors don’t only allow you to step out onto the deck or patio. They are great for increasing natural lighting. They also aid airflow, which makes them a fantastic addition to the home. Alternatively, if sliding doors aren’t for you, bi-folds and other styles are available. Either way, the impact on your home will be huge.

This is a particularly popular choice for homeowners who are considering an extension. But it can be equally great for those who won’t change the dimensions of the home.

Landscaping Upgrades

It’s hard to design the perfect garden without considering the landscaping. A beautiful setting will enhance your experiences of the garden. It’s also something that will put you in a positive mind when looking out over it from inside the property. The fact that it will make your home the envy of the neighbours is an added bonus.

If you have a large or complex space, you can visit to get help with the design. For smaller yards, you can probably build the vision yourself. Once decluttered, you can create a beautiful low-maintenance yard by choosing evergreen plants. You may also opt for an artificial lawn to make life easier. 

Better still, smart landscaping choices can serve as an extra layer of defence against bugs and critters that may have tried to enter the home. 

Modular Building Erections

If you’ve been thinking about moving to a bigger property, your garden spaces may save you a lot of hassle. Garden buildings and modular structures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not least due to their affordability. As well as improving your life, they offer a pleasing ROI.

This type of structure stands separate from the main property, which makes it ideal for many purposes. It could serve as an annex for your teenager. Or maybe, you’ve always wanted a home bar or gym. In today’s climate, building a garden office can work exceptionally well for anyone who works from home. Or it can be a place to store garden products.

Maintaining the garden building is often easier than taking care of additional garden spaces too. With so many choices available, now is the time to act.

Swimming Pool Installations

Swimming pools are seen by many as the ultimate status symbol for homeowners. While it might not be for everyone, there is no doubt that they will level up the look of the home. For people who will use the pool frequently, it is arguably the greatest addition you’ll ever make to the home.

Garden swimming pools aren’t cheap, with most costing five figures. However, they will significantly boost the property value. It should also be noted that swimming pool designs allow you to show creative flair. Incorporating hot tubs, waterfall features, and surrounding items can take the outside spaces to new heights. It will transform your home life forever.

If a built-in pool is out of your price range, there are cheaper alternatives out there. And they can still provide hours of enjoyment.

Driveway Updates

Improving external areas should not be limited to the back garden. Again, it’s the front of the property that sets the tone of your property. An inferior or damaged driveway is an issue that will severely hinder the look of your home. Moreover, it could cause trip hazards, damage your tyres, or even cause flood damage.

Resurfacing the driveway and adding better drainage systems will transform the home. And you will notice the benefits daily. Experts like can ensure that the new driveway is flat and sealed for long-term success. Alternatively, you could do this yourself. Whether choosing tarmac or gravel, the upgrade will deliver great results.

The front garden makeover can be further supported by the addition of a new mailbox, some bushes, or a gate to the property. 

The Final Word

Upgrading the outside areas of your property will undoubtedly add value to the home. More importantly, it’ll add value to your life. Whether taking the DIY approach or calling a pro, now is the time to take control. You’ve got this!

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