Postpartum Intimacy: 5 Things To Expect

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By Luciana Oliveira

Many young parents are eager to start their sex life again as soon as possible. But it is not always the right idea. You have to consider many things, from raging hormones and weird body changes to baby blues or the pure exhaustion of having a new family member. Yet, if you managed to get to that point when you think you are ready to have sex again, there are few things you have to know.

Fortunately, here, you can find a lot of helpful information on postpartum sex and how to manage some new issues. Below, you can read about how to ease the pain in your nipples, how breastfeeding affects your libido, what can be the cause of painful sex after pregnancy, and many more. So read on and make sure you are prepared for everything!

Soreness in the Vaginal Area

For most women, the idea of having sex after pregnancy sounds like a dream come true. Nonetheless, it often isn’t as fun as it sounds. One of the most common problems women report after having sex is soreness in the vaginal area. It is usually caused by hormonal changes. However, the good news is that your sex will get better and better with time and patience. Just pay attention to how much pressure your partner uses and if you feel pain or discomfort, stop right away. It would be best if you also talked about what feels good and what doesn’t with your partner so they know how far they can go with you. Alternatively, before you decide to have sex with your partner, you can look for the best cheap dildos on the market and masturbate. This way, you can check your bodily responses and have better knowledge of your body.

Having Sex While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a fantastic thing, but it can also affect your libido in a way you might not expect. For example, physical contact may increase your sexual desire. Likewise, the opposite situation might happen when your sex drive decreases due to this physical intimacy. In consequence, many breastfeeding mothers say that they still enjoy having sex. Nevertheless, there are some things you have to keep in mind. If you are a breastfeeding mom, the most important of them is that you might want to wait four to six weeks before you try any kind of sexual activity. Some women wait even longer than that until their baby is ready to stop breastfeeding altogether.

Timing It Up

The most common question about postpartum sex is when to start it. The answer is simple — when you feel ready. It might take time, so don’t rush yourself and make sure that you are not pressured into having sex or anything like that. And once you decide to go ahead with it, start slow. Keep in mind that your vagina can be ready for penetration within four to six weeks after giving birth. Alternatively, you can also try having sex without penetration, just to see how comfortable everything feels and if the area is still sore. If that is the case, give yourself more time to recover.

While postpartum recovery and sex are essential topics, another area that often gets overlooked is sexual health. In the midst of adjusting to new routines and changes in your body, it’s crucial to remember to prioritize regular check-ups and tests. There’s a wide variety of resources online that offer an STD testing comparison to ensure you’re making the most informed decisions about your health. Prioritizing your well-being in all areas, from postpartum recovery to regular health screenings, can provide peace of mind and ensure a smoother transition into this new chapter of your life.

Painful Nipples During Sex

Nipple stimulation during sex is one of those things that many women find very pleasurable and exciting. Nonetheless, some of them experience painful nipples during intercourse because of breastfeeding or simply because of the hormonal changes that occur after pregnancy.To avoid this problem, you can use gentle lube. By doing this, you can stimulate your nipples without experiencing any pain. However, if you feel any pain at any point during sex, stop right away and try another position or a different technique until you find one that works for both of you.

Bleeding After Postpartum Intercourse

Some women experience bleeding after intercourse due to bad timing. But, this can also be caused by vaginal dryness or episiotomy stitches. If this is the case for you, make sure that you have enough lubrication during sex and that your partner goes very slowly and gently while penetrating you.


When you have a baby, your body goes through a lot of changes. Your hormones are all over the place, and the same goes for your emotions. As a result, you might be willing to resume intercourse soon after giving birth. Still, it is not always easy, and it does take some time for you to get back into the groove. The most important thing is that you don’t rush yourself and make sure that you are completely ready before having sex again. If you are struggling with emotional or physical intimacy after birth and you feel that you could do with some more hands-on, professional help, you might also want to look into couples counselling – speaking to a neutral third-party, someone who is experienced in this area, can do a lot to reassure you and get your relationship back on familiar ground.
Just remember that it takes some time for your body to recover completely, so don’t be disappointed if you cannot have wild sex right away. Besides, talkto your partner about what you like and what they want and try different things until you find a routine that works for both of you. If you do that, you will have no problems making the best out of your sex life after giving birth. Good luck!
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