Lets talk about Men’s Sexual Health

Isn’t it crazy that in 2020 is still taboo to discuss sexual health, especially when it comes to man’s sexual health? There is so much secrecy and shame surrounding topics such as erectile disfunction, male low libido and even preventive care such as prostate examination. These are all very common things and they should be treated as such without the unnecessary heaviness that this conversation normally carries.

The most important thing is to normalise this conversation. I believe that the more you talk about so called difficult or taboo topics, the more you bring them to daylight and treat it as an ordinary thing more and more people will relate and the discomfort will eventually dissipate.

Erectile disfunction is probably one of the hardest to talk about. Erection is directly linked to masculinity. performance and that alone can cause a lot of stress to whoever has to deal with it. Finding out the reason behind erectile disfunction is probably the main factor to finding the solution.

There are so many factors that could cause erectile disfunction and they could range from psychological or physiological. The natural and ordinary difficulties of parenting can put on extreme stress on both parties. Newborn babies have a very irregular sleep pattern and sleep deprivation can hit parents really hard on those first months of adjusting to all the changes.

The good news are that there is a variety of treatments available nowadays as long as you get the word out and seek help. If having a face to face conversation with your GP seems daunting or intimidating, there are other options such as the Oxford Online Pharmacy. This service is discreet and you can have access to their range of products from the comfort of your own house.

At Oxford Online Pharmacy you will be advised by expert pharmacists on which treatment will suit you better after an online consultation. Taladafil seems to be one of the recommended drugs for ED and it works just like Viagra by temporarily increasing blood flow to the penis. The most important message is talk about it. Talk to a friend, talk to your GP or check online options, but talk about it. You are not alone and you would be surprised by how common it is.



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