How To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer

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By Luciana Oliveira

Entertaining the kids during the summer holidays can be a challenging task, especially when you take into consideration the long duration for the holidays as well as the cost of fun activities. In order to help alleviate some of this stress, we’ve put together some top tips on keeping the kids entertained this summer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Make your own fun

If you want to plan some exciting activities for your kids this summer whilst keeping the cost down, making your own fun is the best way to do this. Try getting crafty and creative by planning some fun activities.

  • Arts and crafts – set up your very own art studio by getting some canvas and paints so you and your children can channel your inner creativity.
  • Games – there’s nothing like a good old fashioned game. Try playing family favourites such as monopoly, tag, and hide and seek. These games are a sure way to keep your family entertained for hours.
  • Card making – got some special events coming up? Keep your children busy by making cards for all your family and friends. By doing this, your children get to be creative and you can cut down on the cost of buying birthday cards – it is a win-win situation!

Enjoy your very own house of fun

During the summer holidays, it can be tempting to go out every single day in order to keep your kids entertained. However, the cost of such activities soon adds up meaning that going out all the time isn’t a viable option. Instead of heading out the door, utilise what you have at home!

Invite your kids to their very own cinema day at home. Set up Netflix with bowls of popcorn, sweets, and any other yummy snacks you can find and you’ve got yourself a movie day at home. 

Alternatively, embrace your inner Gordon Ramsey and get cooking! The summer holidays are a great time to get in the kitchen with your kids and cook up a storm. Get together as a family and pick a recipe that you’ll all enjoy. This way, you can go shopping for ingredients together and get cooking. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of eating a meal that you’ve all cooked as a family. Depending on the age of your children, you could rustle up a simple cake to a family sized lasagne! 

Enjoy the great outdoors

Sunny days are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. As the summer holidays arrive, you’d also expect to see the sunny weather following in its wake. If the weather is nice and bright, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy nature. 

Perhaps you could organise a treasure hunt around the garden and provide your children with clues to help them find the ‘treasure’. Alternatively, you could pack for a picnic in the local park and let the kids run off some of their energy. 

Plan a staycation

With travel restrictions causing many people to have to reconsider their summer holiday this year, many families are now exploring a staycation in the UK. With the UK having many holiday destinations, a staycation is the perfect way to enjoy what the UK has to offer. 

From London to Manchester, there’s many delightful options for a staycation in the UK. With staycations rising in popularity due to travel restrictions, many places and companies in the UK are now offering special deals to help families enjoy their summer holidays a little bit more. With cost effective deals on hotels to companies offering family deals on activities, a staycation is a great way to keep the kids entertained.

When it comes to getting ready for summer and keeping your children happy during the summer, remember that you don’t need to try and fill every minute of every day.

Let your children’s imagination run wild, this will make the summer a little bit more enjoyable for you all!

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  1. These are some great ideas. We love taking a trip to the local library too. They always have interesting book readings & activities on – plus it’s a great way to get them excited about reading.


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