Planning Your Renovation The Right Way

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By Luciana Oliveira

When you’ve lived at your place for a long time, the scenery can start to feel a bit dull, and there comes a time where a change is due! Whether it’s a complete change in scenery, or the decision to make some changes to the home you already own, something needs to be different to keep things fun! The issue is, renovating can be expensive, and some changes made can be permanent unless you’re willing to spend even more money. For those reasons, it can be hard to get things just right – so planning is important.



As with most things, planning is a must if there’s a lot at risk, but when it comes to renovating you have to take care of legal permissions too. The requirements will depend on where you live, but there’s a lot that you’re going to need to take care of if you’re planning for something like an extension. That goes for any kind of external construction, and if you share your space with wildlife, you’ll need surveys done from companies like ARBTECH who can ensure that your planning isn’t interrupting the wildlife.


So with legal planning dealt with, you need to make sure that your renovations are going to be the changes you need. Remember to keep functionality in mind, and consider even hiring an interior designer!




Not everyone has great ideas when it comes to renovating their homes, and it can be hard to capture the feeling that you’re going for. There’s plenty of ways you can get help when it comes to coming up with your own designs, and you can do it from your home too. Taking some time to look online and see what others have done, you may find things that inspire you to make similar changes in your own home.


Of course, everything can be made easier with the help of an interior designer, and the help of a digital preview can show you what your home will look like with the changes in place.


Exploring new ideas


Coming out of your comfort zone can be a frightening experience, especially when you’re putting a lot at risk. That’s not to say you should bet everything on something that you’re unfamiliar with, but it helps to play with new ideas that you wouldn’t usually entertain. It can be something simple like having more plants around the house or repainting everything in a fresh coat that you’ve never tried before. If you really want to achieve a fresh feeling in your home, it can be a lot easier if you try something completely new for yourself!


House renovations are expensive, and it’s important that you don’t regret them after you’ve already spent a lot of time and money on them. Doing your best to make sure you’re happy with the result is important, and not something you should be too hasty with. Play with different ideas and get different opinions from others, your home is too important to mess around with.


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