The Gifting Rulebook: What Are The Top 5 Rules For Doing It Properly

There’s nothing random about giving gifts. It is an art. Art with immense potential. It can build stronger relationships, mend broken bonds, and also initiate new ones. You cannot take the act lightly if you have been bestowed upon this responsibility. You may have heard of this, it’s called the concept of gift-giving etiquette. Learning something like this helps in the process. 

When we sit to think about what to give somebody on their special day, whether it is their sweet 16, nasty forty or a golden jubilee, we find ourselves stuck in a loop of ‘this is not good enough’ or ‘this is too costly.’ And it takes a long time for us to settle on something finally. But even then, we feel anxious regarding our choice. 

However, we are here to tell you that there is another side to gift-giving that a good gift can enhance the recipient’s mood and says a lot about the giver. So it is important to choose gifts wisely!

We have some tips that will help you amp up your gifting game. 

#1 Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes 

More often than not, we make gift-giving about ourselves. You might not like the sound of it but think of all the times that you have rejected a perfect gift item based on how it will affect how the other person perceives you. So, stop thinking about yourself for a minute and focus on the recipient instead. 


You might like giving expensive gifts, but maybe, the receiver might prefer little and intimate presents like a handmade card. You have to spend time with the person and try finding out his or her likes. The person should be able to enjoy and relish the gift. The best way to decide on a gift is to ask the person what they want. 


#2 Experiences Count – A Lot More Than Material Things

Remember that you can not compare memories with material things- memories are everlasting, while the latter is usually for immediate satisfaction. 


There are a bunch of different ways to gift someone memories. If the person likes to travel, sponsor a trip to his favourite destination. If he is obsessed with a famous artist, take him to his live concert. If he is into paintings, invite him to an art museum tour. In short, do something that will make him feel special, and he will cherish it for a long long time!


#3 Trust the Quality, Not the Quantity 

We all are well versed with saying – the more, the merrier! But this may not be entirely true concerning gifting. You might feel the need to add a little something to the gift you bought but wait! You must stop right there. According to psychologists, when one receives a bundle of presents, they tend to form an average value of the whole pile, which leads to a devaluation of the more meaningful gift. 


Thus, it is best to stick to one suitable gift without adding a less significant one along with it.


#4 Opt For Gift Cards

We often demean gift cards without realising their actual value. Sometimes they are the most creative and coolest alternative. Giving gifts is a tough job. You might not always find the most suitable gift for someone else. Even if you think you did, it might not please the other person. But there is one thing that no one dislikes — cash! 


If gifting cash was not considered derogatory in some cultures, it might have been the easiest gift option. A gift card gives the person actual freedom of choice. The receiver can choose to spend it according to his preferences. Hence it will be better than a carelessly chosen gift.


#5 Make Spending On Others a Priority

Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction that is received from gifting undeniable amounts of happiness to the person you adore. Don’t hesitate to spend money and invest in a thoughtful present that will give the receiver immense joy.



Something personalized and unique will always mean more than ordinary gifts. Remember these 5 rules and get on with looking for that extraordinary gift for your girlfriend or lover! With these rules, you are bound to find unique gifts for her in the UK. Happy gifting! 

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