Picking the Right Camping Lantern for Camping & Travelling

Summer is here, bring your family and friends on a camping trip! In outdoor activities, as night falls, you must ensure adequate lighting.

Headlights cannot achieve 360° illumination compared to flashlights that need to be held by hand.

The advantages of camping lights are very obvious, easy to use and stable light source, ideal for camping lighting, cooking or recreational use.

In addition to the characteristics of light weight, easy portability, super energy saving and long life, excellent camping lights must also meet the following functions:

  • Light source stabilization (360° floodlight)
  • Easy to hang, hands free
  • High color rendering light source as fill light for shooting
  • Acts as a power bank when the phone is out of power
  • Red light pattern for wildlife viewing

Here are some important criteria for choosing the right camping lights:

Lighting time

According to the battery life of the camping light, it can be divided into two types: rechargeable and AA battery powered.

Both modes have their own advantages. The comparative analysis is as follows.

From an economical and practical point of view, it is recommended to choose a rechargeable type, but please ensure that the battery is fully charged before departure.

The battery status guarantees that the battery life of the extremely bright gear can reach more than 4 hours.

Lighting brightness

Light output is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

Brightness and duration are important criteria when considering camping lights.

However, under the premise of a certain amount of power, the pursuit of brightness cannot meet the requirements of the duration.

Generally, the brightness of camp lights is between 100-600 lumens, so it is required that camps, etc. can provide different gears to adjust lumens according to the actual use scene.

  • 100 lumens: suitable for 2-3 people tent use
  • 200 lumens: suitable for camp lighting, cooking
  • 300 lumens and above: Good for camping nights


According to the waterproof performance of the camp, it is divided into nine grades from IPX-0 to IPX-8. In the wild, there will be rain splashes.

It is not required to be immersed in water for 1.5~30 meters for 30 minutes, and the performance is not affected.

Waterproof IPX-8, but at least IPX4 waterproof rating is enough for everyday camping needs.

Drop resistance

Compared to heavy metal materials, most camping lights are made of tough and flexible PC plastic.

As a durable engineering plastic, PC also has high light efficiency performance.

It can be used as a lampshade to make the transmitted light more uniform and soft, and reading under the lamp will not hurt the eyes.

High color rendering

Sometimes you want to take pictures outdoors. When the light is not good, camping lights can play the role of fill light.

Camping lights with CRI≥90 color rendering index can effectively restore the original color of objects and reduce eye fatigue.

Not only can fill light, but also allow people to better distinguish and observe objects at night.

Easy to use

A good camping lantern offers a variety of placement options. Not only can they be mounted on tripods to light up camp, but they can also be attached to tree trunks and branches to provide lighting.

Of course, some of them can also be fixed to the inner wall of the tent with magnets.


In addition to the role of lighting, the camping lamp can also play the role of mobile power supply, sos distress signal, etc., which greatly enriches the functions and is sufficient to deal with emergencies that may be encountered in the wild.

Mobile power supply: Modern people are basically inseparable from mobile phones.

Use one more camping light as a backup power source in the wild, so as not to miss every wonderful moment in the circle of friends

Red light mode: The red light can not only protect people’s eyesight, but also reduce the harassment of mosquitoes, and can also be used as a safety warning sos.

In terms of cost, practicality, my most recommended product is the Olight Olantern Classic 2

Olantern Classic 2 Lite Camping Lantern: The Olantern pro Lite is a retro LED light with Olight technology and AA batteries to bring extra warmth and nostalgia to your campsite.

Elegant and practical, perfect for campsites, backyards, party decoration or emergencies.

Offers two warm lights: soft, warm, unobtrusive light, 10-240 lumens and infinite dimming.

Create a cozy atmosphere for yourself with warm orange or warm white light. GREAT FOR OUTDOORS AND CAMPING: Replaceable AA batteries with up to 105 hours of runtime, easy to buy and take with you.

Easy real-time battery check with battery indicator. The sturdy base can be placed on a flat surface, while you can also carry or hang it using the portable handle.

Use suspension rings for extra stability! The all-metal housing can withstand daily use and shock.

The IPX5 rating makes it resistant to water splashes and light rain.
Olantern Classic 2 Pro Rechargeable Camping Lantern: The biggest difference between the Olantern classic 2 Pro and the Lite is that the Pro can be charged. 2 output ports (USB-C and USB-A), visible power indicator, fully charge in just 4 hours via USB-C and enjoy up to 7.5 days of runtime!

It can provide 18W discharge, which is the perfect emergency power supply for mobile phones, small fans, small speakers and so on! With stepless dimming from 10-300 lumens.

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