5 Ways To Keep The House Tidy With Kids

Before I got kids, I never struggled to keep my house tidy. Everything remained where it was supposed to be a week, even a fortnight later.

Now, I often find toys everywhere, snack cups on the floor, dolls under the couch, and other items my little ones aimlessly dump all over the house. 

The sight of all this clutter annoyed me at first, but then I realized that I couldn’t stop my young ones from playing.

And as kids play, they are bound to leave their playthings here and there.

I also realized that the best way to maintain a tidy house when you have kids is to have a system. 

In this post, I will share my strategies for keeping the house clean when you have kids. 

Manage Clutter

Your first step should be to remove unnecessary and non-sentimental clutter in your home.

This includes the toys your kids don’t play with anymore, outdated magazines, junk mail and broken items.

The more clutter you have, the harder it will be to keep your house clean.

A good tip would be to declutter everything at once, then do it regularly as you buy more playthings for your little ones. 

Ensure Cleaning Accessories are Accessible

Next up, ensure all cleaning accessories are within reach. All non-toxic cleaning products, rags and clutter baskets should be easy for everyone to access.

You may also want to consider buying and staging a vacuum on each floor of your house; even a wet and dry vac can be a good idea

By keeping your cleaning accessories within reach, you’ll easily and quickly clean up whenever anyone makes a mess. 

Create a Cleaning Checklist

Put together a list of the chores you perform daily or weekly to ensure you never miss them.

Having such a checklist will mean that you conduct each task before it piles up.

You can even use the list to divide tasks among your family members.

Try, however, not to make the cleaning checklist too rigid or demanding. 

Have a Place for Everything

Another way to keep your home tidy when you have kids is by having a space for everything.

Have a basket for toys, a coat rack for coats, and a drawer for other items in your home.

By setting a place for everything, you’ll get to manage clutter and keep your home clean in the process.

Involve Everyone in Your Family

Let your kids and other family members know that maintaining tidiness in the house is everyone’s role. House chores are part of belonging to a family.

Kids, even those as young as two, can do one or two tasks, for example, picking up toys.

They may not do a good job when starting out, but with time, they will get the hang of it.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a tidy house when you have kids may seem like a losing battle.

This reason is why you need a system. Hopefully, my five tips will assist you to be at the helm of things. 

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