Why Interior Designers Love Invictus

Commercial and interior designers always recommend luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) to anyone wanting a cost-effective, yet high durable, design style for their home – but many people just want to know exactly why it should replace the carpet or real hardwood as an option.

Bright dining room with decorative table and chairs made in minimalist style. Luxury interior of a modern house

When we sit down and work out the pros and cons of flooring options, vinyl flooring does weigh in on positives over others, such as Invictus flooring.

It certainly takes charge as a choice for the home’s look and design, but where are the core benefits it provides?


Money will always be at the front of the decision when it comes to anything, and this area is among the strongest in the final flooring decision. 

LVT is the best affordable alternative to flooring products such as real hardwood and stone, being a much more cost-effective alternative product that can perfectly replicate its competitors.

Also adding to that is that if they needed to be individually replaced for whatever reason, it works out even cheaper than it would with the real thing.


This is another area LVT wins out on, being manufactured from robust material that caters to heavy foot traffic, as well as continually tested for flame resistance and moisture exposure – an area that other flooring products would fail against.

Luxury vinyl flooring has a long life in mind and is constructed to fight all known threats that face flooring over a lifetime, meaning it stands to live past most floor expectancy provided it is cared towards.


Cozy dining room in a luxury house with modern design

LVT passes many tests, tops the chart for hard-wearing, waterproofing and has the better grip and slip resistance qualities of all the other products in consideration.

This has made it a leader in contention for kitchens and bathrooms, and other rooms with a higher water risk.

Warmth and Comfort

Vinyl has been manufactured not only as a safeguarded product but also as a luxury product. It not only provides warmth and is a great insulator, but it is extremely comfortable underfoot.

This has made vinyl boards perfect for accommodating underfloor heating systems within the home.


Not only is LVT great for insulating warmth, but it is a great insulator for sound also.

Tests have proven that Invictus is among the quietest flooring to walk upon, meaning that footsteps won’t disturb the house during the day or night.


Those who hate cleaning have a much easier time with LVT, with its hard ware layer and protection from stains and scratches, it can be kept clean by a simple mop and sweep once a week.


When it comes to vinyl flooring, you have the look of the real thing without any of the weaknesses the real thing suffers regularly. Invictus has spent years perfecting its many revolutionary safeguarding properties to keep your lifespan healthy upwards of 30 years.

Why are people choosing luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey oak flooring, over its many competitive flooring types? It’s because vinyl flooring backs up where either flooring gets beat up.

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