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SumahoMAMA_logoAll of my boys enjoying playing our tablet when given the chance. Most of the games are more suited to the older boys but recently we tried out a new app which is great for Mr R at age 2.

Touch ‘n’ Sing is a free app which comes with two free songs included, and the option to buy more to expand your selection. These songs are all interactive which definitely adds to the enjoyment. The app was created in Japan, and has recently been released here in the UK, for iPad, Android and Kindle.

HomeHere you can see Mr R using the app on our Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy 2

touchnsingMr R was entertained and kept busy with the alphabet song. After experimenting with it, he soon learned that when you press the letter which comes up twice in the set, it will show you a picture. He managed this more by trial and error but the more he does this, the more he will learn and get familiar with his letters. At first only the letters A-F show up on the screen but once you have worked through all the matching letters and seen the words and pictures for this group of letters, it continues through the rest of the alphabet.

Alphabet Song1Each letter is on a balloon, which makes a popping sound when you press it. This was enjoyable for Mr R, and easy for him to manage by himself. I do find with some games he quickly becomes frustrated when he can not manage them but this was ideal for little ones.
Alphabet Song2Here you can see the pictures which have all been found for the letters A-F, which unlocks the next round of letters. Having only a few letters at a time makes it easy for the little ones to get familiar with a few at a time, and hopefully be able to recognise them quicker as they won’t be so over whelmed.

This has been Mr R’s favourite song so far but he also enjoyed the Hokey Pokey

Hokey PokeyThis is really easy to use, you simply tap the character and they will dance and wiggle around, and it highlights different body parts – like “left hand” shown above, or head, right foot, bottom and more. This is a lively song and kept Mr R occupied but not for as long as the alphabet song. This would be suitable for a very young toddler though as you can just press anywhere, there is no wrong place to tap the screen.

Twinkle Twinkle Little StarTwinkle Twinkle Little Star is also lovely. This is a classic song that most toddlers enjoy and Mr R is no exception! When you click each planet a voice tells you what planet it is, and there are also rocket and space ships zooming by. Again this is quite a simple activity, suitable for even young toddlers but with the older toddlers, they will be able to start learning and recognising the different planets which is great. It also has some instrument sound effects available for the little ones to experiment with. If they press the screen or drag their figure across the screen they will be rewarded with a lovely display of glittering stars and diamonds!

Buy more songsIf you wish to buy more songs to add to your library a super value pack is $4.99 (Β£3.17) for 6 songs, which works out at around 50p per song which is not bad at all as each song is interactive. There are currently 3 choices of super value pack available, and they include classic songs like the Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald as well as some Japanese songs and activities based on Folk Tales. To buy just one additional song, the price is $0.99 which is 63p.

Some of the extras are a little more advanced than the free songs. For example the Wheels on the Bus is more of a game as well as a song. The child must choose the correct size and shape wheels for each bus meanwhile the traditional song is played in the background. This was good for Mr T (3 years) as well as Mr R.

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To celebrate the release of the app, and the fact that it is available not only on the App Store but for all platforms, Sumaho Mama are offering readers a $50 Amazon gift card!

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As this is for Amazon credit, the giveaway is open worldwide.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a small fee to cover the cost of downloading extra songs.

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  1. They’d like ‘Wheels on the Bus’ – I’m not sure I’d share their enthusiasm but that’s motherhood for you!

  2. I just downloaded this app to see what my boys thought of it. They love it so far. my oldest (3.5) is laughing hysterically at the hokey pokey one as i type! Thanks so much for doing this review on it. my kids love it!

    I’d have to say the Hokey Pokey one is the favorite so far!


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