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donatemobileI recently heard about a new mobile phone provider Donate Mobile. It’s exactly like the usual mobile phone providers but with the massive plus that 10% of your bill will go to support any charity of your choice. This is a great idea, as it makes it easy to support charity on the go and over the year I’m sure this 10% would all add up!

You might wonder whether the donation would cause your phone bill to be much more expensive than the other networks (I will admit, this did cross my mind) but it’s not the case – as they actually price match Orange, O2, Vodaphone, T-mobile or 3! This is brilliant. I am currently on 3 but now really thinking of switching over to donate mobile, as my fixed contract has ended long ago and is just rolling over every month. If I can pay the same amount, and at the same time support charity then it seems to be an obvious decision!

portageThe charity I would choose to support is the National Portage Association. This is a brilliant charity supporting pre-school aged children with additional needs and their families. They offer a home visiting service, set up playgroups for children with additional needs, offer signing courses, work with the Early Bird Autism Early intervention course, support children’s transition into nurseries, give help and support in practical matters like filling in DLA forms and statementing applications… and so much more. These are just a few of the ways in which they have helped our family, and I’m sure there are many more ways they are helping other children. As this charity helped our family a lot, it would be great to give back just a little bit with my phone bill each month.

With Donate Mobile, you can get a plan with a phone, or a sim-only plan, or even pay as you go. I would probably go for a Talk ‘n’ give 1000 plan as I use my phone a lot and I want unlimited texts. This would be …


Talk ‘N’ Give 1000


UK Minutes


UK Texts


UK Data

…. which means my chosen charity would receive £3.10 every month, which would be £37.20 in a year. This may not be a massive amount but I have previously done a challenge on my blog where I had a £30 budget to spend on my charity of choice (Portage) and I did manage to get quite a few resources within that price, which I know were appreciated.

I feel that not that many people have heard of Portage, unless they do have a child with additional needs in their family. As it is not a very high profile charity, they don’t have a massive budget so any small amount can make a difference.

To find out more, watch this video below and also like Donate Mobile on Facebook for their updates.

Change the world…with Donate Mobile from Donate Mobile on Vimeo.

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  1. What a fantastic idea. The mobile phone companies make a huge profit off us, so the thought of that profit going to charity instead is a great move. As you say, £30 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it all makes a difference, and you get to do some good without it costing you a penny.
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