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We have been meaning to get a new duvet for guests for a while, as our other one was getting a little past it’s best so it was lucky we had the chance to review a lovely new anti allergy double duvet.

anti allergy double duvetThis is definitely a massive improvement, it is very snuggly and cosy at 10.5 tog. My sister was the first to use it when she came over to stay on the weekend for our trip to the Lion King (I will be reviewing this soon, so keep an eye out for the post!)  As it is now X-factor season, she might be coming over to stay most weekends too. We have our own tradition of X-factor sleep overs because it’s always more fun than watching alone, we get takeaways and make a night of it and by the time we finish talking it’s normally past the time for the last tube so it’s easier for her to stay.

Our own bed is a King Size, although I did try this double duvet on the bed just to see and it actually covered pretty well, so would definitely be useable on our own bed too. I do like guests to have good quality bedding though, to show some hospitality! It will come in very handy for Red Rose Mummy‘s visit. She will be staying over at mine in October so that we can go together to the Baby Show in Olympia which should be fun!

The duvet is a great quality, with a 80% microfibre blend, 20% Amicor™ filling and a 100% cotton cover. t is machine washable at 60°C, although I have not tried washing it yet. The washing and care instructions are all clearly printed on the label. Being anti-allergy gives me extra reassurance that it will be more hygienic and I rather have this for peace of mind.

The duvet is really soft to touch, and the edges are well stitched. It looks very well made overall. I just love how plump and soft and comfy it is! When it comes time for me to buy a new king size duvet for my own bed, I would definitely like to get another one of these for myself and I would recommend it to anyone.

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