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When you have a little one, you want to be sure that you’re doing the best for them – from how we feed them, to how we play with them and put them to sleep, right down to the nappies that we put on them.

I have used Pampers nappies over the years with all of my four children, and have always been able to rely on them for quality. They were the first nappies I turned to with my eldest nearly a decade ago, and now I’m putting them on little N, who’s 9 months old.

Pampers, with their production centre in Manchester, are actually the only disposable nappies that are made in the UK, which is really reassuring the know. It takes 28 loving pairs of hands to prepare one Pampers nappy – like the preparation that goes into baking a traditional Cornish pasty or the craftsmanship behind a piece of Denby pottery, the same love, care and attention goes into producing a quality Pampers nappy – right here in the UK.

It’s great to know that the Pampers nappies are checked by hand every day, using 130 different test methods! Over 80% of the production team at Pampers Manchester factory are parents themselves so when they check and double check the nappies they make sure that the nappies are something they would be happy to put on their own babies as you can see in this video from the Pampers Manchester production plant.

Pampers is also the only nappy to be recommended by the British Skin Foundation. With nappies being on our babies all the time (apart from bath time!) and right next to the skin, it’s really important that they are gentle on the skin and don’t irritate. Pampers know that new born skin is extra delicate and so a great deal of care is put into developing nappies that are kind on skin.

As babies grow bigger, and start to wriggle and explore, it’s important that their nappies don’t rub or irritate them, especially for super active babies like N, crawling, cruising, climbing everywhere! She’s constantly on the go, keeping me on my toes! She amazes me every day with the things she learns and touches my heart with her cute little smile, so nappies that are made with love are just what she deserves.

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