PJ Masks Night Sight Game Review

PJ Masks Night Sight is a fun new game from Ravensburger, featuring the characters of the Disney Jr show.

PJ Masks Night Sight is suitable for ages 3+ and can be played by either 2 or 3 players. The game revolves around stopping the baddie Romeo from stealing all of the city’s toys, and players use their night vision masks, and their memories, to help locate all the toys and save the day.

Inside the game box, you will get:

3 masks, 3 toy stores, 9 shelf tiles, 27 Romeo tiles, 1 Romeo toy rack

The masks were my boys favourite aspect of the game, they found it cool how they enable you to see the hidden items on the cards, and make everything else look red while you’re wearing them too!

As you can see here, these look like just red squares with nothing on them, but when you look at them while wearing the game masks then the item is revealed!

Once you correctly remember an item and check it with your PJ masks night vision mask, you place it in your toy shop card

The rules of the game are simple and clear, so my boys (ages 6-9) were able to read the instructions themselves and play the game together without needing adult supervision or involvement, whereas for a younger child of around 3-5 it would be a good game to play together with a parent.

All of the pieces are made of strong sturdy cardboard which will last well, and are bright colourful and true to the characters of the PJ mask TV show. I liked the concept of the game, using the night vision googles, as it’s quite different to other games we have, and it’s a fairly quick game (approx 15 minutes) to play so great to fit in when you have a few minutes spare, so the boys can play it together while waiting for dinner to finish cooking for example. Of course if you have more time, you can play more rounds of it!


See more about the game here on the Ravensburger website

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