Kitting the Whole Family Out for the Winter Months

Now it is getting cold again, it is time to get everyone´s winter clothes out and check them over. Anything that fits can just be laundered and hung up in the wardrobe and you can buy any items you are missing. That way, when you wake up to a sparkly, frosty, morning you will have everything you need to dress up warmly, without having to rush out to the shops.

Coats and jackets

Top of the list is a good coat and jacket for everyone. Right now, menswear shops everywhere are full of parkas. This 80s classic is a great choice for the winter. With the hood up it defiantly keeps you warm and dry. The only problem is that it is only a three quarters length coat, so it is not usually suitable for commuters who could get caught in the rain. For them, a full-length coat is a much better option. This year, there are some really smart looking military style coats available for both men and women.

For the children, hooded Puffa jackets are an especially good option. The most versatile versions allow you to zip the hood on and off. However, it is important to bear in mind that most of them are not waterproof. A good way to get around this issue is to buy a lightweight packable coat. Most of these are fully waterproof and can easily be stowed in your child´s backpack or left in the boot of the car. When it looks like it might rain, your kids can put them on over the top of their Puffa jackets.

Hats and gloves

It is really important to keep your extremities warm. Everyone should have a good hat, gloves and a scarf. For small children, mittens are usually the most practical option. They are easier to put on and will keep their hands warmer than gloves.

The right shoes and socks

Decent boots and a pair of thick-soled shoes are all you really need to be able to keep your feet warm and dry. For your toddlers, a pair of wellingtons is usually a good idea. They are easy to get on and off and will definitely keep their feet dry even if they insist on walking through every puddle. When it comes to socks it is usually better to wear two thin pairs rather than one thick pair.

The right knitwear

Most adults can manage with a couple of jumpers to take them through the winter months, but children will need a few more. Usually, you will be warmer if you wear layers, so the jumpers you buy do not necessarily have to be thick. You can find out more about why dressing in layers keeps you warm and learn how to do it the right way by reading this short article.

Leggings or thermal underwear

For those really cold days, make sure everyone has a pair of jogging bottoms, leggings or thermal long johns that they can slip on under their trousers or jeans. Being able to wear an extra layer like this makes a huge difference to how warm you feel.

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