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I’ve always enjoyed doing fun educational activities with my little ones at home, to help them develop their skills and just as a nice way to spend some calm and quiet quality time together. My Little Learner has a great range of products that make it easy to spend a few minutes doing this with your child, whether that may be helping them to learn to write their name, match their colours, or develop their vocabulary with picture flashcards.

I was sent a few products to try out with my two year old N, and she has had lots of fun exploring these at home.

Name Writing and Matching Mats

With the name writing mat, these are all personalised so of course you order your child’s name but you can choose whether to have first name and last name, or first name only. You can also choose what to have on the back of the mat as they are double sided, and you can choose what design you would like around the edge of the mat.

For N we went for a princess design around the edge, as that fits in with her interests so makes the mat more appealing. The writing mats are all wipe clean, whether you choose a name writing mat, or other mats such as shape writing, pen control with lines to follow (like wavy, zig zags and so on) or an ABC or number writing mat. This makes it easy for your child to practise over and over again without any pressure, as it can be wiped off and re done as many times as they would like. It also saves on paper!

N really enjoys using the wipe clean pens, so that adds another element of fun for her. 

The other section of our name mat has a fun name matching activity with five little cards, each one showing one letter of N’s name so that she can match them on to the spaces and practise spelling her name with the letters in the correct order.

This is easier for her at the moment than writing out her name on the tracing section, because she is still working on her pen control skills. So it’s great that both elements are included, to develop name recognition in two different ways.

Phonics Clip Cards

The set of Phonics clip cards is a great idea, with little pegs to help strengthen the fine motor skills in little hands, as they open and close the pegs. At the same time, little ones are working on their basic phonic skills by recognising and matching the correct initial letter for each word – such as S for sun, or C for cat as N is doing in the picture below.

These are a really quick and easy way to get some phonics practise in, in a playful way and the packet is quite small so would be easy to take on the go too. The cards all have cute designs, and the pictures are very clear as to what each one is supposed to be – so no confusing moments for the little ones when using this activity!

For more ideas and to see what else is available in this educational range, please check out the My Little Learner website.

These products were sent to us in order to review

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