Tenable Game Review

Tenable is a fun family board game, based on the popular ITV game show Tenable, where players have the opportunity to win up to 125,000 pounds. The show is hosted by Warwick Davis and has been running on ITV for three years, since 2016. Now with the Tenable board game, you can re-live the action and try out your own knowledge at home to see which of your family members will be the champion, and who will be ‘terrible at tenable’!

We were sent the Tenable board game to review, via the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club and have enjoyed playing it together with the kids. The Tenable game is recommended as age 10+ but we found when playing as a family group that younger children are able to take part quite easily, you may just need to be selective on some of the topics to give them a better chance if some of the topics are beyond their knowledge base.

We played with ages 8, 9, 11 and adult and found that playing with a larger group of 4+ makes the game more exciting and fun although it can be played with just two players too.

The game comes with a board, which features staggered prize amounts and a tenable triangle at the top where the card will be placed, with slides to reveal each correct answer as it is guessed.

The aim of the game with tenable is to correctly identify all ten answers within your category, but make a wrong guess and you will lose a life and eventually be out of the game.

The topics vary from things like Geography, such as the ten largest oceans and seas, or popular trivia such as the ten most popular characters of Harry Potter.

It can be harder than you would think to correctly get all ten, so we had lots of laughs and enjoyed challenging ourselves to complete as many answers as possible. When you have more players, you can split into teams and then confer, while one player will act as the host. The more correct answers your team gets, the further up the prize pot towards the jackpot you will go.

Tenable is a great family game, allowing you to get competitive and to bust out your general knowledge skills. Particularly if you have watched the show on TV then it’s a fun way to bring that home. This would be a great one for all the wider family to play together over Christmas with older kids, teens and adults

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