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As members of the Little Tiger Press Parents Panel, we were recently sent the book My Dad by Steve Smallman and Sean Julian to review.


My Dad is a lovely picture book about all different kinds of Dads, and the special relationship between a father and child. It is written in rhyme and has really lovely illustrations, bright and colourful and cute. It goes through all the good and funny qualities about different dads then ends by reminding that there is no other dad like your own, and that is the most special thing.


This book would be lovely for Father’s day but it is great for showing appreciation towards dads any time of the year! I would say it is most suitable from age 2.5 up til 5 years.

My boys enjoyed listening to this story and looking at all the pictures, and comparing the story to their own Dada. I liked that it does actually include some of the negative things about some dads, so it doesn’t paint a rose tinted picture of the perfect super dad – for example some of the dads can’t cook, or are rubbish at putting up a tent. But the point is that it doesn’t matter, because that is their dad and the child will love him anyway! My boys found those pages quite funny, rather than just focusing on all the skills a dad could have.

Overall its a lovely addition to their book case and one their dad will be pleased to read with them!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely book and just what I’ve been looking for for my two little children. Thank you for the review πŸ™‚


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