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Multivitamin GummiesRecently we were sent some of these Gummie Multivitamins to try out, they come in Disney packaging and we had some bottles with Cars or Mickey Mouse which is great for my children to make it more exciting. It also comes in Disney Princesses as seen above, which some children might prefer.vitaminsEach bottle contains 60 multivitamins with vitamin A, B, C and D with added omega-3 DHA. The vitamins are chewy and in fun shapes matching to the character on the bottle. They look just like a sweet and the taste is nice, so I don’t think most children would complain about them! My 5 year old was really excited about these vitamins, he said they will make him really strong and mighty and he likes the Disney Packaging. My 3 year old is the one I would have preferred to take the vitamins, as he has such a limited diet. We do keep trying different types of vitamin for him – but so far he won’t take anything. I do think these have a better chance though, if I keep showing him eventually he might give in to the lure of the Disney characters as he is a big fan of both Lightening McQueen and Mickey!

Although my 5 year old has a better diet and will eat more variety of fruits, I still like to see him having a vitamin just for extra back up to make sure he is not lacking anything.

Luckily the bottle is fully safety proof with a safety cap, which is important as the vitamins are so sweets-like, but I have explained to him that we can only have one per day and he has remembered that rule.

You can read more about the vitamins here on vitaminsforkids.co.uk and they are available exclusively in Boots for 8.99 a bottle, currently on a 3 for 2 offer which makes them pretty good value!

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  1. This is what really made me like vitamins. We didn’t have these fruit-flavored sugar vitamins when I was a kid. Back then, vitamins tasted bitter and I hated them. It was like, “Do I really have to take them, mom?” That said, the Flintstones chewables were fairly good at the time. But, these gummies taste so much better. I guess that’s one thing I favor today compared to the “good old days”.


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