I recently heard about The Music Miracle, a new book by Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay all about the effect of music on children’s learning and how music training develops the brain.


The Music Miracle is a really fascinating read. It is fully backed up by scientific studies, but is presented in an accessible way for parents to read. I probably wouldn’t have through the scientific studies myself so it’s great to have this information in a more accessible format.

The book covers many aspects of how music training can impact positively on children, from boosting maths skills, to fitness, to speech and language skills, memory and brain power. It also dispels some of the commonly held myths, such as listening to Mozart to help raise your IQ. The studies referenced in this book show that it is not only classical music which has a beneficial effect, but any genre of music as listening to music is a manifestation of the happiness effect.

As the book explains, the benefits of music are not just linked to listening to music or playing music games, although these would be good for a child too, but they are linked even more so to actual music training. Author Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay is from Finland, where most young children have the opportunity to study at the Musiikkileikkikoulu. There they are taught core music skills in a playful way.

Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay has also created a music training package called Moosicology, which is inspired by her research and provides an easy and fun way for children to learn music skills such as rhythm, listening skills and musical reading. Find out more at the Moosicology website.

I definitely found The Music Miracle a fascinating read. Although I knew that music is good for children generally, there is so much information in the book that I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t thought about, like the link between music and phonological awareness.

Since it’s launch, The Music Miracle became the #1 parenting book on Amazon, and the #42 on the Amazon “all bestsellers”

You can find out more about The Music Miracle and Moosicology by watching this interview from BBC Breakfast with author Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay and Alex James, bass player of Blur and a key supporter of The Music Miracle.

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