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kids after school activities

Now that Mr Z is 5, I have started to think about enrolling him in some kids after school activities. I was never really in favour of starting him too early, as I believe children do need time for relaxation and free play after school so I did not want to schedule all of his time. I don’t think one or two activities would hurt though!

I’m definitely thinking of swimming lessons, as this is such an important life skill. Mr Z and his brothers really enjoy swimming and water play when we take them just for fun, so I’m sure having some structured lessons would be something they would really enjoy, as well as being important for safety. I bet some new fun swimming accessories from Zoggs would definitely help him to get excited for his lessons, especially the colourful range of kids swimming goggles, which would allow him to see underwater

kids after school activities swimmingMartial Arts is another after school activity that I think Mr Z might really enjoy. Karate seems to be the most popular one, although Mr Z’s dad used to do Wing Chun Kunfu when he was younger. As for me, I was more interested in gymnastics and dancing so I spent hours doing those activities. I also did figure skating classes, speech and drama, and piano lessons.

With so much choice around, I decided to ask some of my blogging friends what their children do for after school activities to get some new ideas and input. Here’s what they had to say:

My son does karate. It’s fab for teaching kids discipline and keeping fit. – Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy

We’ve started swimming again, great for getting kids to take instructions, build confidence and keep fit. We’ll start Karate too as soon as Monkey is old enough to help with discipline too – Mary from Over40andamumtoone

I like fencing because it warms up all of your body, and keeps me active. I like lunging which makes my arms strong. Doing Onguard makes my legs strong. I like being competitive, I like to win! I have some new friends who also like fencing – The boy (age 8) from The Soup Dragon Says

The boy also does Karate, and is learning that what he does in class has an effect on other children as he is one of the older and higher belts. Also respect is key same in fencing. Listening skills are needed. We also do Bowls at school he likes that because he can socialise with other children from his school and they enjoy the competitive and team element. Then there is Cubs which I think is good for community spirit, mixed ages, helping others, respect. Plus they gain independence doing things for themselves and when he goes on camp next month I am having a night out! whoop! – Tina from The Soup Dragon Says

Miss M goes to swimming and trampolining lessons each week because it’s something she has asked to do, thoroughly enjoys them and keeps her fit. I’m more than happy for her to do them for life skills, to experience different things and it’s something to occupy her a few nights of the week.  She also attends school clubs two nights a week, art and IT which I think are both great to build up her skills and mix with other children where they are still learning but it feels more like fun. – Fiona from Mummys Little Stars

Monkey does two after school club, one is multi-skills and one is football. I love how they are more about teaching them life skills (discipline, turn taking etc) and that it builds his social group! – Kelly from Writings Ramblings and Reviews

We do ballet once a week but day to day at home is usually crafts etc or she’s at after school club – Angela from The Life of Spicers

What kids after school activities do your children do and enjoy? I would love to hear your suggestions, so please let me know in the comments

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27 thoughts on “Kids After School Activities”

  1. Swimming is a good life skill, confidence can be gained at an early age :- Given practice and adult supervision. I believe it is good to allow children opportunities. If many of these clubs were held within the school building :- It could make life easier for child and parent. As could reduce commuting etc.

  2. Visiting from the pin it party 🙂
    All my boys have (had oldest is now a lifeguard) swimming lessons.
    10 year old also goes to Cubs.
    6 year old has football and beavers.
    4 year old has special needs and is lucky that the swimming pool were really accommodating to help him settle in and meet his needs, he had 1:1 but is now back in a group.
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  3. Anna,
    Great post, (I enjoyed your last one too, “boys LEGO creations”). But my youngest daughter joined the track team and does that after school and really enjoys it too. We also have a local karate school right down the street and many of my neighbors have signed up their children for this class as well. This seems to be the most popular for kids that don’t have any after school activities. But anyway, another enjoyable post! I look forward to your next one.
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