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A couple of weeks ago we went along to Marvel Universe Live at the 02. This is a brilliant live show for all the family, especially if you have kids who are into Super Heroes as my boys are. We all really enjoyed it!


The show includes a great selection of Marvel characters, with all the favourites: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and more. There’s also a good selection of baddies included, like Lizard, Red Skull and of course Loki.


The show’s story centres around Loki reforming the cosmic cube (which Thor had shattered as it’s too much power for any one person to hold!) and trying to use it to destroy the earth. Some of the other fragments have gotten into the hands of other villains, so the Marvel heroes split up into groups to collect each one – battling villains along the way. Meanwhile, some of the X-Men get captured by Loki too so Wolverine heads out to rescue them from Loki’s evil pods (which you can see above)

The story is pretty easy to follow, and gripped the kids well as they enjoyed seeing what would happen next and cheering on their favourite characters.

We were really impressed with the effects of the show. It includes characters flying around the stage, motor bike stunts, impressive battles, and effects with fire and smoke too. There’s also a large screen at the back of the stage which is used to show different scenes and add a digital effect to the show.


My favourite of the heroes was definitely Spider-Man as his web climbing effect were great! The way he swung around from the ceiling was really cool.


I’d definitely recommend the show to any families with kids who are into super heroes. It makes a great evening. The kids loved all of the details and have been talking about it lots afterwards, and telling their friends about it.

My boys are 5, 6 and 8 and I’d say the show is best suited to kids of around 4+. 3 year olds would be okay too, if they’re really into the characters and able to sit and focus on the show, as it’s fairly long (approx 2 hours), although they do have a 15 minute interval in the middle for toilet breaks and snacks!

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The website features the complete list of UK tour dates and fans can check the latest news and announcements via social media:

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