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Furbies are back! In a new updated form. We were sent one of the new Furby Connect toys to try out, ready for #FurbyFriday today. Do make sure to join us over on Twitter at 1pm to find out more, and for your chance to win a Furby Connect for your own family!

Furby Connect comes in a variety of colours (including pink, purple, blue and teal) and it’s fur is lovely and soft! We received one of the purple Furby Connects:


And here’s the packaging:


Although of course, we’ve all heard of Furbies, my kids have never had a Furby before so the Furby Connect was totally new to us.

Unlike the Furbies of the past, the new Furby Connect has bluetooth enabled and using this you can connect it to the Furby Connect World app, which is free to download on your phone or tablet (iOs or Android devices).

The Furby Connect also comes with a sleep mask, which allows you to put your Furby to sleep on demand –  this is the first time Furbies have been able to do this, and it’s certainly a handy feature. From a practical sense, I’m sure it will help the batteries to last longer as you only really need the Furby to be awake when you’re playing with it anyway!


The mask is very easy to use, you just place it on making sure to line up the crest on the mask with the one on the Furby’s head and push it into place. My 5 year old, R, was able to manage it fine, and he loves the sleeping noises the Furby makes as it starts to go off to sleep!


When awake, the Furby loves to dance, sing, and flap it’s ear’s around! The antenna will change colour when it has something new to show to you and it can download updates such as new songs, or videos, via it’s Bluetooth connection.


My kids were all excited to try out the Furby Connect, especially my 5 year old who loved how interactive it is, and how cute and funny it is.

The eyes on the Furby Connect are great as they are functioning screens which flash up with different things, and change as the Furby moves and dances.


Using the app, you can hatch Furblings together with your Furby. This allows you to collect lots more types of Furbies, including cool ones like a Roman Furby, we even hatched a “Super Farter” one as well so there are some crazy options in there to make kids laugh!

When your Furby Connect is connected via bluetooth to the app, then you can also feed him via the food cannon, let him use the potty in the app and lots more. It’s all quite cleverly done, and is a great way to make the Furby more interactive and engaging, with a good balance between screen time and physical play with the toy.


My little one is already quite attached to our new Furby after one day! I’m looking forward to seeing what new fun and updates the Furby Connect will bring over time – I’m sure there will be lots of fun in store!

Watch this video TV ad to see the Furby in action:

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