Littlehampton Seaside Trip

Our most recent seaside trip was to Littlehampton on the South Coast. I shared a couple of pictures on last weeks Project 52ย but it’s time to share some more!

Littlehampton is a little different to some of the other coastal areas we have visited recently. It has a lot of rides, amusements, an arcade, soft play and restaurants so if you want a traditional family fun day out at the seaside then it’s a great choice of beach to take the kids. We went a couple of years back on a really hot day for the boys first ever trip to the beach when we first got our car!

This time it was not extremely hot, but still warm enough to have a nice day at the seaside. We came in first through the Harbour Park and the kids were attracted straight away to all the amusements and rides so we played here for a bit before going to the beach.


Mr R looks like he has an attitude in this picture! He did feel quite possessive over this car, he kept jumping in and declaring “mine car!!”




Then we went outside to the main rides of Harbour Park, they didn’t go on a lot though as we only went for the afternoon and wanted to still have time for the beach.



To go on the rides you buy a pack of tokens and then exchange various amounts for each ride. It’s fairly reasonably priced although can add up a bit if you have several kids and they go on a lot!

Next, it was time to go to the beach.


Like most of the beaches on the South coast, Littlehampton is mostly a pebble beach but there are some stretches of sand. Last time we came we did manage to find quite a big sandy bit for the kids to play, this time we found a smaller bit.


photo 3

It’s like pockets of sand in between the pebbly bits. This combination of sand and pebbles did enable something pretty cool though: making a sand slide!

Make a sand slide at the seaside or beach make a sand slide at the seaside

This is made by digging a big hole in the sand right next to the pebble section, so the pebbles create a sturdy wall and allow you to get that height and depth to make a slide. It was very fun for the boys!

We also had lots of fun making sand castles, we split into teams for a competition: me and Mr Z against Mr R, Mr T and Dada.

sandcastle at littlehampton

The sand is also great for mark making, you can read about this in our alphabet project: A is for At the Beach.

sand at littlehampton

littlehampton beach

If you’re thinking of a trip to the seaside on the South coast then Littlehampton is definitely a good option to consider for family fun. The drive is not too bad from London at all!

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